Bending or breaking the rules? What our readers have seen around Melbourne

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From Premier Daniel Andrews and COVID-19 response commander Jeroen Weimar to a top-ranking Victoria Police officer, authorities lined up today to chastise social distancing rule breakers. They complained there were pub crawls, house parties, play-dates and sleepovers all happening at a time when lockdown lists just five reasons for leaving home.

We asked readers to tell us what they’ve seen out on the streets and this is a selection of their responses.

These pictures of Northcote’s Peacock Hotel (which was mentioned at today’s press conference) were sent in by one reader without comment.

The Peacock Hotel in Northcote.

As a small business owner, who is following the rules. Can I please have the businesses names that have gone against health orders snd will help keep us in lockdown for longer due to there selfish behaviour. I would love to begin a civil case to sue them fir preventing my business to open sooner due to their selfish behaviour. Grow up. Name and shame them I want to make sure I don’t go to those businesses once we open up. Margaret

Went for my 2 hour solo bike ride this morning. Rode past several packed coffee-shop precincts and crowded playgrounds in East Kew and Hawthorn where there were few masks ’cos, y’know, coffee, and large groups of people mingling with little attention to social distancing. Playgrounds were closed for months last year. Mike

10 mask-less teenagers sitting together shoulder to shoulder on Queens Parade in North Fitzroy. Hugging, laughing and putting the rest of Melbourne at risk. Unbelievably upsetting! Anonymous

It’s everywhere where there is a park or a beach. Maskless people pretending to be drinking to avoid mask requirements, carrying empty drink containers. No enforcement anywhere in sight. Antoine

Edinburgh Gardens in Fitzroy North is full of people drinking alcohol, out for much longer than two hours, sitting in large groups, not wearing masks and definitely not exercising; not to mention the public urinating that occurs. Many local cafe’s and restaurants are selling take away alcohol too which just adds to the drunkenness and stupidity. This happened last year and is a disgrace. The city of yarra don’t do anything to help either and take no responsibility even though they allow drinking of alcohol in public places. Anonymous

People line up for takeaway drinks in Richmond on Sunday.

Most people were socially distancing here. The Majority of people seemed to line up, buy and walk off but there were groups of people socialising and some without masks. Julie

Yes, spotted all over Collingwood yesterday. I received an invitation by email to an event featuring barbie, cocktail and tunes all weekend. Caro

I saw the same thing happening on Hampton street in Hampton, groups of young people teenagers or in their early 20 crowding outside bars and coffees. Anonymous

Same thing outside all the pubs in Fitzroy and Collingwood yesterday. Anonymous

Elwood bars doing takeaway drinks with 30+ people standing/sitting out front. Many with stacks of cups indicating they had been there for hours. Anonymous

Beach Rd full of parked cars meaning people have driven there to go for a walk. Huge numbers of people walking up and down the paths. Well over 10% not wearing masks and in groups… no police to be seen. If they lived within 5km would they really be driving to the beach? Paul

Try Willsmere Village Kew. Many maskless people who should know better blocking footpaths, gathered in groups supposedly drinking coffee. Disgrace. Should know better. Peter

No need to dob. MYOB

Carlton North venue was selling takeaway cocktails yesterday and had a large crowd on the footpath and medium strip of people socialising and having more than one drink and hanging around for a lengthy period. I would assume it looks similar today given how nice the weather is. Anonymous

Bridge Rd, Richmond. I was surprised by the volume of people out front of some venues and had to cross the street to avoid large groups of people on my evening exercise walk. Anonymous Richmond resident

Crowds continue to gather in Bridge Road, Richmond

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