Bali hotspot Kuta McDonalds shuts down, Waterbom Park on hiatus as COVID-19 resurgence hits holiday island

The coronavirus rate is exploding in Bali, closing down famous businesses and sparking fears it'll be among the last places to welcome Aussie visitors again.

Indonesians are now allowed to move between islands and Bali's COVID-19 rates are increasing dramatically.

Bali businesses are suffering from a lack of tourism and resurgence of the virus on the holiday island.Credit:Louise Kennerley

Driver and father-of-three Wayan Arcayasa has had to sell a car just to get by.

“Very, very sad honestly because we never know why the virus hit the world and hit us in tourism especially,” he said.

Foreigner business owners are also struggling to hang on.

“If this continues for much longer I won't have any choice than to close down,” Cafe Smorgas Owner Johan Lassesson said.

And the fear is it'll get worse before it gets better with official figures thought to be just a fraction of the true picture with the testing rate among the lowest in the world.

“We don't know where is the virus actually, how to control it,” local epidemiologist Professor Gusti Ngurah Mahardika conceded.

And if it can't be controlled, there are concerns Aussies won't be allowed to visit their affectionately-known "second home" for a long time to come.

“Bali should be back lockdown,” Professor Gusti Ngurah Mahardika said.

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