Yellowstone prequel: Fans ecstatic as trailer release date announced ‘So excited!’

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The Western melodrama starring Kevin Costner already had a new season planned to release in 2021. But Yellowstone showrunners at Paramount have now revealed that a new instalment to the series, a prequel titled Y: 1883 will also arrive later this year. And fans will be able to take a peek at what to expect this Sunday during the Super Bowl

The prequel show was only just announced and it is already releasing its first teaser.

Viewers will get a first look at Y: 1883 during the halftime commercials on CBS. 

No announcements have been made so far about the cast of the show, which makes the upcoming teaser even more exciting. 

While Yellowstone is currently available to stream on Peacock, Y: 1883 will instead be produced exclusively for Paramount+.

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What is known about the prequel show so far is that, as the title says, it will be set in 1883. 

It will follow the Dutton family as they embark on a journey west through the Great Plains toward the last bastion of untamed America.

The show will have more traditional Western themes as opposed to the contemporary setting of Yellowstone. 

Fans online have already started to express their excitement about the show: “I’M SO EXCITED RIGHT NOW! THIS WILL BE EPIC!” said one fan on Twitter. 

Another asked: “Anybody else excited for a Yellowstone prequel series or just me?”

“I absolutely love Yellowstone…would love to see the prequel,” added another. 

A fourth messaged their friend saying: “When worlds collide… our love of Yellowstone meets our obsession with TV westerns.”

“The Hype Train is real,” commented another user. 

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Others expressed their disappointment that the prequel will be set so far back into the past of the Dutton family. 

“You know, I was kinda hoping a prequel would be about a young John Dutton, but I get why it isn’t,” said a fan. 

“Was kind of hoping for more Josh Lucas, personally.”

Josh Lucas portrayed a young John Dutton on Yellowstone, played as an adult by Kevin Costner. 

Though some believe that the show is actually much further into production than the creators revealed so far. 

“A longer tease will air during the Super Bowl so I actually wonder if they started filming, or at least got a couple of cast members (including a Costner level ‘name’ actor) signed on to make a teaser trailer,” mused a fan. 

They weren’t the only ones expressing their “hope there is a big name actor (like Costner) attached to the main role.”

Overall though, fans seem convinced that “a true western, written by Taylor Sheridan, has the potential to be great.”

Yellowstone is streaming on the Paramount Network and Amazon Instant Video US.

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