Will there be a series 7 of Line of Duty?

LINE of Duty season six has kept viewers on edge with every moment, the finale of the series airs next Sunday (May 2nd) and is sure to be an action-packed conclusion.

With season six nearly finished, keen fans are already looking forward to the long-term future of the series. Here's what the prospects of a seventh series are looking like…

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Will there be a series 7 of Line of Duty?

In an interview with Radio Times, series creator Jed Mercurio says it’s “not entirely clear” if there will be a series 7 of the show.

“We’re in a situation where it’s not entirely clear that there will be a seventh series,

“We would hope there could be. But we’re having to do our planning coming out of COVID, and a whole bunch of other things around the idea that these things aren’t guaranteed at all now.”

He continued: “Since probably season four, we’ve been talking to the BBC about the realistic longevity of the series. I’ve experienced broadcasters pulling the plug while we were still developing a storyline –Bodies and Cardiac Arrest both ended prematurely on the BBC.

"So it’s an ongoing discussion, is all I can say. A lot of it depends on the key creatives – me and the main actors – finding new stories to tell within that universe.”

Although things do sound positive.

He concluded: “Without a formal commission, I would say conversations have been very reassuring from the standpoint of not having to wrap things up.” 

When is the Line of Duty season six finale?

Season six kicked off on Sunday, March 21, with the first episode airing at 9pm on BBC One.

It has aired weekly on the channel, and all episodes will be available to catch up on via BBC iPlayer.

Fans were delighted to discover that the latest season of Line of Duty will feature an extra episode.

All five previous seasons – except for series one – have consisted of six one-hour episodes on BBC One.

This time, there will be seven episodes instead of the usual six, with the finale airing at 9pm on BBC One on Sunday, May 2nd.

What has happened in Season six?

Season five left us reeling as it was revealed there were FOUR top corrupt coppers – Gill Biggeloe, ACC Hilton and DI "Dot" Cottan, with the final member remaining at large.

AC-12 chief Ted Hastings was exonerated – although given a warning – at the end of season five, as it was revealed that he wasn't the mysterious H, though season six has seen him face more scrutiny from DCS Patricia Carmichael, introduced to oversee the merging of AC-12 and AC-9, forcing Hasting's into an early retirement.

Season six has focused on the investigation of the murder of a woman named Gail Vella.

Season six has heavily featured guest lead Joanne Davidson, who had been described by producers as AC-12's "most enigmatic adversary yet" – so we should have expected al the drama with with her arrival.

Vicky McClure told press that the new series "feels a bit like series three" and that it has "that similar tone to it again". 

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