Why Selena Gomez doesn’t Google herself

Selena Gomez has been famous for most of her life (and has a sizable net worth to show for it). The actress, singer, and producer got her start on Barney & Friends, and, at just 15, starred on her very own Disney Channel Original Series, Wizards Of Waverly Place. She soon branched out into music with her band, Selena Gomez and The Scene, and her on-again, off-again relationship with Justin Bieber still manages to make headlines even after their breakup and his marriage to Hailey Baldwin.

Gomez came of age just as social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter started maturing into what they are today. For that reason, she’s lived a significant part of her life under a fine microscope. In March 2016, Gomez was the most-followed person in the world on Instagram, reaching the milestone of almost 70 million followers sooner than anyone else. At the time, she was just 23 years old. Even though, as of this writing, she’s no longer the most-followed person on the social media platform, she still boasts millions and millions of followers. 

While Gomez’s life has been anything but normal, she has seemingly learned some tricks to feel more in control.

Selena Gomez is too 'sensitive' for Google

As Selena Gomez has grown and matured, she has learned different ways to maintain her peace of mind. One big way? Absolutely no searching for herself on Google. In interview with Allure for the magazine’s October 2020 issue, Gomez revealed that she hasn’t “done that in years”  in order to shelter herself from the unsolicited opinions of the World Wide Web. Gomez went on to say, “I’m strong in a lot of ways, but I think I just have way too much of a sensitive heart.”

Google isn’t the only thing Gomez avoids. Another trick she uses is the oldest one in the social media book: she never reads the comments. The actress also does not post on TikTok, and while she does use Instagram and Twitter, Gomez is no stranger to taking breaks from the platforms. Case in point? The “Bad Liar” singer took a break from Instagram in late 2018, citing a desire to “live [her] life present to the moment.” After more than a decade of fame, Gomez has seemingly learned how to take care of herself.

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