Why is Kim Kardashian being sued?

KIM Kardashian has recently been in the news due to her divorce from rapper Kanye West.

Former Paris Hilton assistant and Keeping Up With The Kardashian star Kim Kardashian recently received a lawsuit.

Why is Kim Kardashian being sued?

Kim Kardashian is being sued for allegedly violating California labor laws with staff.

The lawsuit was filed by seven former workers at her Hidden Hills home in California.

In the lawsuit, they allege Kardashian did not pay for overtime or allow meal and rest breaks.

They also allege in the lawsuit that Kardashian withheld taxes from their wages.

Kardashian was also alleged to have not furnishing those withholdings to the government.

Perhaps most egregiously, Kardashian was alleged to have a 16-year-old on the crew to surpass the 48 weekly working hours allowed.

One of the plaintiffs listen in the lawsuit even claimed to have been fired once raising some of these issues.

The Plaintiffs also alleged in the lawsuit that employees were not paid on regular periods.

Many of the reasons listed in lawsuit had a lot to deal with pay amounts and frequency.

The employees listed stated that they were not provided a means to record all their hours and were not paid all their hours.

Not only that, but that employees werenot reimbursed for employment expenses and were not paid all their overtime wages.

Upon termination of employment, the Plaintiffs, alleged that they were not paid their wages owed.

There is a similar lawsuit against Kanye West, who recently was divorced from Kim Kardashian.

While Kim Kardashian West is named as the defendant, the suit also lists “DOES 1 through 50, inclusive."

This means that more people can be named in the future, if the lawyers investigation finds more.

While the lawsuit against Kim has made a lot of noise, it is far from the only in Los Angeles.

Low-wage workers in Los Angeles lose $26.2 million per week due to wage-theft violations, per Victor Narro of the UCLA Labor Center.

A spoke person for Kim argues that Kim never payed these workers directly and instead payed a third party service, whose duties it was to pay them.

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