Why did Dog the Bounty Hunter's sons leave the show?

DOG The Bounty Hunter shares two sons with his first ex-wife, La Fonda Sue Darnell.

Duane Lee Chapman, II (born January 21, 1973) and Leland Blane Chapman (born December 14, 1976) are bail bondsmen and appeared on his A&E Network reality show until they quit in dramatic fashion.

In 2011, Leland and Duane Lee quit working with their father and stepmother Beth Chapman, and severed ties with their family.

The March 21, 2012 episode showed Duane Lee telling Beth "You want me fired, you gotta fire me," and then Leland weighed in, saying "I quit too."

And as the two stormed out, Beth refused to back down, and told them: "It’s not on me, Leland. Call your dad! Call your dad!"

Beth took to Twitter to let fans know there was plenty of action to come from the show yet.

She said: "It will take six weeks to get through the whole thing. Tonight's just the beginning."

In January 2012, the two brothers confirmed leaving the show.

Chapman's ex-wife La Fonda Sue Honeycutt divorced him when he was in jail, and married his best friend.

Since leaving the show Leland Chapman operates his own bail bond company, Kama'aina Bail Bonds on the Big Island of Hawaii and runs his father's business, Da Kine Bail Bonds in Oahu.

Leland moved from Hawaii to Alabama in 2015.

He resides with wife, Jamie P. Chapman whom he married in 2016 and is still working as a bail agent.

Dog has been married five times and is a father to 12 children.

Meanwhile, Duane Lee has managed to keep an extremely low profile following his departure from the show.

He moved to Florida and reportedly works as a financial advisor.

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