Who is Scott in Coronation Street and did he attack Carla's blackmailers?

The seemingly charming yet mysterious B&B guest Scott (Tom Roberts) in Coronation Street has piqued the interest of viewers since he entered the soap in April.

When he first arrived in Weatherfield, it became evident he and Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley) share a past, on which Johnny was so desperate to bury that he fled to France for a long holiday with wife Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews).

But after he unleashed his anger at Chelsey and Jordan when they blackmailed Carla (Alison King) it became evident that there’s some history between them too.

So, who is Scott, and did he attack Carla’s blackmailers?

Who is Scott in Coronation Street?

The character of Scott in Coronation Street is played by actor Tom Roberts, who is no stranger to the soap.

Although this is his first time appearing as Scott Emberton on the Cobbles, Scott has appeared on Corrie in the past in various roles as a solicitor, Health Inspector and as a medical professional called Dr. William Gerald.

The soap stalwart has also appeared in Emmerdale and Doctors, as well as a variety of other TV shows.


Now playing the friendly new lodger at the Rovers, Tom previously told Metro.co.uk exclusively: ‘He is a very charismatic guy, he’s got a bit of a swagger and he is very confident.

‘He’s quite popular with the ladies, that much we will see pretty much straight away – he’s arrived in the area for a fixed term building job so he travels around a lot and probably has a lady in every port as they say! Or a lady on every building site!

‘It becomes obvious pretty much straight away, as soon as Johnny clocks him, that there is a past there. It takes quite a lot to frighten Johnny, he’s no pushover and he is quite a strong guy. So viewers will know from the outset that this outwardly charming, funny man with his witty lines and his confidence is not all that he seems.’


Did Scott attack Carla’s blackmailers in Coronation Street?

It’s not clear whether or not Scott attacked Carla’s blackmailers but he is a clear suspect after he decisively threw Jordan out of the pub when he found out about the threats he and Chelsey were making against the barmaid.

When Carla announced to the pub last week she had been forced to sleep with Jordan in her most vulnerable hour and now they wanted money, Scott launched Jordan out of the pub straight away and was taking no prisoners.

The pair were later attacked with many believing Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) to be the perpetrator, however, when it became apparent he had an alibi, suspicions moved to Scott.

His behaviour has certainly be off and he seems extra protective of Carla. But why?

Speculation has mounted that Scott could be Carla’s real dad, but could there be another reason the two are connected?

We’ll have to wait and see.

Coronation Street airs on ITV tonight at 7:30pm

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