Who is Grayson Perry and what's the artist's net worth?

CONTEMPORARY British artist Grayson Perry is best known for his ceramic vases, tapestries and cross-dressing.

The Turner-Prize winning artist brings his new show Grayson's Art Club to channel 4 in a bid to open up art to the nation.

Who is Grayson Perry?

Grayson Perry, aged 60, was born in 1960 in Chelmsford, Essex.

After having studied at Portsmouth Polytechnic, Perry went on to become a renowned English contemporary artist.

He was even awarded the Turner Prize in 2003.

The artist is also known for his TV programmes, and his book The Descent of Man.

Who is Grayson Perry's wife?

Grayson is married to Philippa Perry, a British psychotherapist.

She is also the author of the graphic novel How to Stay Sane.

In 1992 their daughter was born, who they named Florence.

The pair live in London together.

When is Grayson Perry's Art Club on Channel 4?

The First episode of Grayson's Art Club will air TONIGHT, April 27 at 8pm on channel 4.

It will then air at the same time every week.

Originally scheduled to air the previous week, Grayson had to postpone due to an illness (not coronovirus)

Perry will host the entire show from his studio, speaking to other artists, celebrity guests and asking how they spend their time in isolation.

The aim of the show is to get viewers to harness their own creativity whilst in isolation with each episode having a different theme.

The first episode will have portraits as it's theme with animals as the theme for the following week.

Perry is also asking for submissions from viewers in each of the episodes allowing viewers a wide scope for creativity, painting, drawing, sculpture, video, collage etc.

All you need to get involved is to take photos of the artwork, film a short video (Less than three minutes) talking about your reasons for making it.

What is Grayson Perry's show Rites of Passage about?

His 2018 Channel 4 show Grayson Perry: Rites of Passage saw him explore landmark events of birth, coming of age, marriage and death, and try to reinvent them for our modern secular age.

The show featured him travelling around the world, spending time with different communities and collaborating with British families.

Grayson explored coming of age in the series, talking to teenagers about the challenges they face in each individual episode.



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