Who is Crystal Theobald's killer William Sotelo?

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The film focuses on the murder of Crystal Theobald and her mother's decade-long hunt for justice, using social media to find those responsible.

Who is Crystal Theobald's killer William Sotelo?

Soleto, now 32, is the final member of the gang to be convicted for his role in Theobald's murder in February 2006.

He was the driver of the SUV that attacked the car the 24-year-old was in.

Soleto pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter along with gang and firearm allegations in January 2020.

He was initially facing a charge of first-degree murder for his involvement but reached a deal with the prosecution before the trial began.

Why did William Sotelo kill Crystal Theobald?

Sotelo's gang had been shot at earlier in the day and were retaliating.

Believing it was the vehicle that attacked them, he pulled up alongside the car Theobald was in and his gang began shooting.

Theobald was fatally shot in the head, despite not being associated with a rival gang.

No one else in the car were involved in a gang either.

Where is William Sotelo now?

Sotelo was sentenced to 22 years in prison for his role in the murder.

The climax of the trial saw Theobald's mother, Belinda Lane, unleash a fierce tirade at the convict.

She called him a 'coward' and a 'monster' before telling him that she hoped his life would be 'snuffed' out by other inmates during his sentence.

Lane was partially responsible for solving the case by gathering information from fake accounts created on social media platform MySpace.

Her efforts are charted in the upcoming Netflix documentary.

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