Where is Gwrych Castle and why has I'm A Celebrity moved to Wales?

I'M A Celebrity fans were ecstatic to hear that the show will be returning, after fears that it would be cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

For 2020 the show will be held in a creepy Welsh castle.


Why has I'm A Celebrity moved to Wales?

Due to the coronoviris pandemic ITV bosses decided not to use the Aussie jungle for

So, due to travel restrictions, the campmates will be swapping out the campsite for a castle and trading Kiosk Kev for the Woman in White.

The camp will instead inside 200-year-old Grwych Castle.

I'm A Celeb will not be the castle's debut appearance on TV, as it was previously featured in series 9 episode 14 of BBC's Great British Railway Journeys, and in season 5 of Mysteries of the Abandoned.

Where is Gwrych Castle?

The 19th-century country house is located near Abergele in Conwy, County Borough, North Wales.

Gwrych Castle was built between 1810 and 1825 by Lloyd Hesketh Bamford-Hesketh.

The castle played an important tole in World War II, as the Government used it to house 200 Jewish refugees.

It also served as the training grounds for English World Middleweight boxing champion Randolph Turpin in the early 1950s.

Can I visit Gwrych Castle?

Gwrych Castle became known as "The Showpiece of Wales" and over the years has attracted many visitors.

However, due to the coronavirus pandemic the historic site is currently closed.

According to its website, the castle is hoping to reopen to visitors in the New Year 2021.

Is Gwrych Castle haunted?

The ruins are said to be haunted by the ghost of the previous owner, the Countess of Dundonald.

The Woman in White, as the locals know her as, is said to be angry that her husband stripped the castle of her valuables and sold them.

A chilling photo taken there ten years ago shows a pale young woman in what used to be a banquet hall.

However, the floorboards beneath the window had rotted away, making it impossible for her to have been standing there…

… unless she was floating!

One castle worker said: “A few people have claimed to have seen a floating woman in white.

“Ghost-hunters have also claimed to have felt the presence of her and gamekeepers. We think the Countess might be unhappy as her husband stripped the castle of valuables.

"They certainly didn’t have a happy marriage.”

The ghosts of past gamekeepers are also said to stalk the castle’s grounds, which include a creepy pet cemetery.

There are regular organised ghost hunts at the castle and three years ago paranormal investigators claimed to have recorded a voice from the other side.

Producers have said that some of the challenges will include a spooky spectre theme.

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