When is Who Killed Sara season 2 release date?

WHO Killed Sara is the Mexican mystery series that has become a global hit.

Following a man wrongly accused of his sister's murder, series one was full of twists and turns. Here's when you can expect a second series…

When is Who Killed Sara season 2 release date?

Who Killed Sara has been renewed for a second season on Netflix.

The new season of the drama will launch on May 19 on Netflix.

You can catch up on series one on Netflix now.

What happened in Who Killed Sara season 1?

Season one follows the story of Alex Guzmán, a man has just been released from an 18-year sentence for the death of his sister Sara, during an alleged attack against the businessman Rodolfo Lazcano.

The official description for the first season of Who Killed Sara? reads: “Alex (Manolo Cardona), a man convicted of a crime he did not commit, is released after 18 years behind bars.

"Upon leaving, he only wants revenge on Rodolfo Lazcano (Alejandro Nones), the person responsible for the death for which he was sentenced.

"Things get complicated when Alex starts a sentimental relationship with Elisa (Carolina Miranda), the Lazcano’s youngest daughter, and when he discovers that Rodolfo is innocent and that someone else, who has skillfully kept in the shadows, was the true cause of his disgrace.”

Season one ended without revealing who actually killed Sara.

But we're closer to knowing than we were at the beginning of the series.

The most likely culprit seems to be Mariana (Claudia Ramírez), Rodolfo’s (Alejandro Nones) mother.

During series one, we see Mariana discover that Sara was pregnant – which she was furious about.

Another major revelation came when we discovered that Rodolfo was not the father of Sara's baby after all. Instead, it was César's – Rodolfo's father.

It therefore seems that Mariana killed Sara to protect her family. But this is yet to be confirmed.

Who's in the Who Killed Sara season 2 cast?

Who Killed Sara's main cast is as follows:

  • Manolo Cardona as Alex Guzman
  • Alejandro Nones as Rodolfo
  • Carolina Miranda as Elisa
  • Gines Garcia Millan as Cesar Lazcano
  • Fatima Molina as Clara
  • Claudia Ramírez as Mariana
  • Marco Zapata as Elroy Joven

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