Wendy Williams’ guest D.L. Hughley suspects she’s gotten more plastic surgery- but she insists it’s just ‘moisturizer’ – The Sun

WENDY Williams' guest D.L. Hughley said he suspected she's gotten more plastic surgery since quarantining.

But the daytime talk show host insisted it's just "moisturizer" and lots of rest.

D.L. told Wendy: "I got to say you look nice. You getting something done during this corona…"

Wendy replied "A lot of rest, a lot of rest."

DL said: "You doing something right… you moisturizing or something."

Wendy said: "What is there more to do? You moisturize.

"You take a nap. You drink a lot of water."

Back in March Wendy appeared on the Dr. Oz show discussing coronavirus discussing when she can get plastic surgery again following the pandemic.

She said laughing: "I was just playing with you. It's just that, as a surgery girl when you save your money and you've been planning for years.

"And then you have your appointment and all of a sudden the corona pops up, and I got to deal with these saggy boobs.

"For how much longer before I get them pulled back up?”

Dr. Oz replied: “We're talking about probably a couple of months. I am hopeful that we're eight weeks away from being through the worst of this.”

Wendy has also been pretty open about going under the knife.

Earlier this year she had her own plastic surgeon, Dr. Marion Shapiro, on the show today to demo "lunchtime procedures."

She even showed a video of her getting an injection treatment, proudly pointed out: “Look she sharpened my jaw … she’s sharpening my jawline. She’s giving me a little cheekbone from the back."

The single 55-year-old went on about past procedures: “Neck down I’m done….“[Breast] reduction, I’ll get it when I’m ready, but right now I still like them. I’ve never gotten a facelift, and you know what, if you start staving off the stuff at an early time you won’t need a facelift.”

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