Wendy Williams eats eggs on live TV one day after bursting into tears while hosting talk show at home – The Sun

Wendy Williams prepared deviled eggs on live TV.

The daytime host's cooking followed her bursting into tears while hosting her talk show yesterday.

Wendy started out the show saying "well I'm making deviled eggs," but she couldn't find paprika to decorate them.

She called the eggs "one of the most perfect things in the world."

Fans tweeted in response: "@WendyWilliams just had the Defiance in children conversation yesterday and you are 100% correct as always! And deviled eggs are the best food on the planet! Love you."

Others wrote: "wendy williams at home lmfaooo she's a mess."

Another said: "@WendyWilliam sitting at home making deviled eggs and doing her show is life goals. I hope you locate your paprika bb."

One person added: "#WendyWilliams is making deviled eggs on LIVE TV while interviewing #VivicaFox and it’s the funniest ish ever!"

Yesterday, she started crying on her show when ESPN host Stephen A. Smith said hello to her 19-year-old son.

Stephen said: "Say hi to your family and make sure you tell Kevin I said 'hey.'"

An emotional Wendy welled up, saying: "Oh! He said hi to Kev! Oh! I like him.

"I like when people do that, you know?"

Over the weekend Last Week Tonight host John Oliver applauded Wendy's antics saying: "…I get that people do eat. It's not just usually at the same time they are hosting a talk show and telling anyone watching to f**k off if they don't like it.

"This isn't what people do. This is what Wendy Williams does. Because Wendy has ascended to a level of 'f**ks not given' that no human has ever achieved before."

Last week, Wendy lost it trying to eat a fake burger – leaving fans worried for her mental health.

She said: "I wish that wasn't fake. It looks so delicious. I want to have a bite… It's 100 percent glitter but a real pickle."

Later in the episode guest Michael Yo discussed contracting coronavirus.

He said the disease is serious, people are dying alone and no one deserves that.

Wendy cried after the interview: "That thing about dying alone. I can't even.

"That is unbearable. Yesterday was Easter."

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