Wendy Williams brands Vogue editor Anna Wintour a 'shriveled up old mean prune' for snubbing her at party

WENDY Williams has branded Anna Wintour a "shriveled up, old mean prune" after the Vogue editor reportedly snubbed her at a party.

The daytime talk show host, 56, claimed Anna, 71, ignored her attempts to chat at a bash years earlier.

"I was at a party and Anna Wintour turned her back to me," Wendy told E! Daily Pop's Justin Sylvester on Thursday.

"And she did it purposefully. I saw the whole thing. I said to her person, tap, tap, tap, 'Excuse me, I just wanted to say hi to Anna.'

"And so the person gave me the wink and the, 'She doesn't want to talk to you.' 

"I said, 'Anna, I hear you don't want to talk to me! It's okay. It's more fun talking about you! See you tomorrow morning at 10! It's big old Wendy Williams! Bye!"'

Wendy went on: "Give us a break, Anna Wintour. Behind your glasses, you think you're so cool. You think you're so Hollywood.

"You know what she looks like? She looks like a shriveled up old, mean prune. Who probably is not happy in her real life."

The presenter did admit she "loves" the magazine editor's signature bob and blunt fringe hairstyle, before scoffing: "I don't like having to do proper fashion.

"So what, because Vogue says this is in, that everybody has to wear it?"

Wendy has had plenty of drama in her personal life in recent months, as she divorced husband Kevin Hunter after he allegedly cheated on her for years.

They were married for 22 years and have a 20-year-old son, Kevin Jr, together.

It came to light in 2019 that Kevin reportedly fathered a child with his longtime mistress, Sharina Hudson.

He allegedly split his time between the New Jersey home he shared with Wendy, and a $765,000 house he bought for his mistress nine miles away.

Wendy claimed earlier this week that she hired private detectives to follow "jerk" Kevin and Sharina on their alleged secret vacations.

She told ET: "I had P.I.s on him and on her…

"I had people follow them on vacations outside of the Tri-state area while I'm here filing my nails, talking to my divorce lawyer and my team of people and getting my ducks in a row."

Wendy also claimed Kevin's friends were "very helpful" in "getting to the bottom" of the TV producer's alleged affair.

The TV personality went on to say that Kevin Jr is coping well with his parents' split.

She explained: "He's handled this divorce the best he can, which is pretty good. I stuck with my ex-husband because we had a son. If we didn't have children, I would've been out."

Wendy previously claimed she knew Kevin had a "side girl" for almost 15 years of their marriage.

She said on The Jess Cagle Show: “I've known about her almost since the beginning. I've known that Kevin is a serial cheat.

"The first time I found out was while was pregnant with our son on bedrest. During that time I gave birth to him, he was in the delivery room."

Wendy went on: "I plotted to divorce Kevin, and I sacrificed a lot of myself to come out successful on the other side. And it all worked."

Wendy claimed Kevin changed for the worse throughout the marriage.

She said: “Kevin became an a** for lack of a better word. He, the more successful I got and he got, and we believed in each other, the more of a jerk he became. He used his good credit to purchase property that he chose to wine and dine his extramarital affairs.

"This girl wasn't the only one. She just happens to be the one who kept his baby.

"I said 'kept his baby' because from what Mr Hunter told me on the night that she was with this new baby Journey and her family and whatnot down south, he was with me begging forgiveness."

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