Vogue Williams says she’ll try for third baby this summer and reveals VERY rude fact about husband Spencer’s privates

VOGUE Williams said she’ll try for a third baby this summer and revealed a VERY rude fact about her husband Spencer’s privates.

The Irish model told fans a shocking fact about former Made In Chelsea star Spencer , 32.

Vogue, 35, said: "He is basically bald everywhere except for his head.

Speaking to Joanne McNally's My Therapist Ghosted Me podcast: "He hates having all that hair but i love it.

"He just gets rid of all of it.

You should see the f****** shower when he's finished."

Vogue told the podcast the couple would love to try for a third child this summer.

The couple are already parents to son Theodore, who they welcomed in 2018, and Gigi Margaux who they had last August.

Meanwhile Vogue admitted she hid her quick post-baby weight loss, so she didn’t annoy people.

Vogue told The Sun's Fabulous magazine that her rapid snap-back wasn’t something she felt like celebrating – in fact, it made her extremely conscious of the message she sent out to other women. So much so, she deliberately hid her body away following the birth of her second baby, Gigi, last July.

“There is so much pressure put on women about this and I didn’t want to add to that when actually, instead of worrying about losing the baby weight, we should be worrying about where our pelvic floor is at and how our mental health is doing. All of that is so much more important.

“It’s purely down to my body type that I went back to how I was before without too much effort, and I did find myself trying to hide that for the first few months. I’d always done my tanning stuff [Insta posts promoting her line of self-tan products], but I wanted to wait so as not to annoy people. 

“I just didn’t want to make anyone else feel bad by being all, ‘hey, look at me after having a baby,’ because the last thing anyone wants to see is someone who’s lost the weight quicker than you.”


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