Vikings: Fan baffled as they uncover odd Ragnar feature ‘I don’t understand!’

The epic series became an iconic property for the History Channel when Vikings premiered back in 2013. As season six builds to a thrilling conclusion, some fans have been finding glaring issues by going back to earlier seasons.

Dedicated fans of the historical show were shocked by the events of the midseason break, and have a long wait ahead before the season concludes.

Hopefully returning later this year, the sixth season of Vikings is in the middle of its bloodiest battle yet, as Bjorn Ironside (played by Alexander Ludwig) is threatened by the invasion of Ivar the Boneless (Alex Høgh Andersen) and the Rus.

Before Bjorn ascended to the throne of Kattegat, the land was ruled by the vicious Viking warrior, Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel).

The starring role was a revelation for the star, who has since gone on to feature in major films and future prestige television.


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However, a new fan to the series recently took to Reddit looking for answers regarding Ragnar’s importance in Viking legends.

Redditor turokAlpha asked fellow fans: “Odin has appeared twice in the show so far, and both times it was related to Ragnar or his children and I just don’t understand why he is so important to them.”

Throughout the series, Odin (André Eriksen) appears to Ragnar in visions that he interprets as cryptic signs for his future.

However, this fan is unsure why a Norse God of such importance would deem Ragnar a worthy enough mortal to step down from Valhalla and visit.

They continued: “The allfather Odin personally came to each and every child and even spoke and interacted with some of them.”

This confirmed that even the series’ current protagonist, Bjorn, has also received a visitation from the powerful king of gods.

Finally, the fan added: “Was Ragnar a half god? Or was his legend that great that the gods took notice?”

During the series, Ragnar indeed claims that he is actually descended from Odin, with series screenwriter Michael Hirst blending fact and fiction to embellish the historical saga with elements of fantasy.

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This fan may have been confused by how literally viewers were expected to take Ragnar’s claims, but luckily some other fans stepped in to clear up the issue.

One helpful viewer commented: “In the show, Ragnar is descended from Odin, so I think that’s part of it.”

While it wouldn’t have been possible for the real historical figure to be descended from a literal deity, Vikings imagines a fictional realm where this may have been true, hence Odin’s appearances throughout the show.

The appearance of the Norse gods throughout the show also serves as a useful comparison to what was actually happening in Europe and Scandinavia throughout the age of Vikings.


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During the years between the 8th and 11th centuries, the Vikings’ settlements eventually succumbed to the spread of Christianity throughout the Western world.

Ragnar’s own faith is tested during the events of the series, but it has been confirmed that, upon his murder by King Aelle, he died a warrior’s death and was welcomed into Valhalla.

With Bjorn Ironside bleeding to death on the shores of Kattegat, he may be joining his father in the Viking spirit world very soon.

Vikings season 6 is streaming on Amazon Prime now.

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