Vet warns This Morning viewers that giving pets a vegan diet is 'dangerous'

A vet has warned This Morning viewers about the dangers of putting your pet on a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Speaking to Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield via video-link, Dr Scott Miller explained that feeding your pet a homemade vegetarian or a vegan diet can be ‘incredibly dangerous’ for them as they are meat-eaters.

‘We completely respect the ethics of people who want to be vegans themselves, it makes a lot of sense for the impact of the planet but what we have to appreciate is we have to put the health of our pets first,’ he explained to the hosts.

‘When you think about a dog or a cat, you have to break it down to what kind of animal are they, dogs can eat meat and vegetables whereas cats can only eat meat.

‘Dogs and cats have sharper teeth for catching meat, as much as it makes sense for you to be a vegan, when it comes to our pets it’s going to prove problematic.’

Dr Scott went on to share his own experience where he had to treat a cat that had been fed a vegan diet.

He continued: ‘If you turn your cat vegan you are doing it for yourself and not your animal.

‘It can be incredibly dangerous and there was one woman where she had started feeding her cat a homecooked diet, but this unfortunate cat had heart failure, purely because the owner put their ethics before their cat.

‘Dogs and cats enjoy eating meat they do.’

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