'Valley Girl' Musical Remake Transports Us Back to Eighties L.A.

Orion Classics has released the first trailer for Valley Girl, a remake of the 1983 Martha Coolidge teen rom-com of the same name. This adaptation, directed by Rachel Lee Goldenberg, is a musical film, slated for a May 8th release on digital platforms.

Jessica Rothe and Josh Whitehouse are our new, totally rad Eighties leads, playing the roles originated by Deborah Foreman and Nicholas Cage. Via an Eighties jukebox-musical flashback, the trailer shows a colorful Los Angeles set to songs by the Go-Go’s and A-ha. Rothe plays Julie, a typical Eighties Valley girl who falls for Whitehouse’s Randy, a Sunset Strip punk in a leather jacket. Ignoring the advice of her friends, Julie pursues her romance with the bad boy in the hopes that she’ll be able to break the mold of her suburban L.A. upbringing.

Valley Girl also stars Chloe Bennet, Mae Whitman, Ashleigh Murray, Jessie Ennis, Rob Huebel, Judy Greer, Alicia Silverstone, Camila Morrone, and, as you might have seen in the trailer, YouTube star Logan Paul. Harvey Mason Jr. produced the film’s soundtrack and Mandy Moore choreographed its dance sequences.

The film was initially slated for a June 2019 theatrical run by MGM, which pulled it from its schedule nearly a year prior to its release date.

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