Unforgotten writer confirms string of hidden clues in ITV drama's theme song – did you spot them?

UNFORGOTTEN'S writer has confirmed there are a string of hidden clues in the ITV drama's theme song.

The long-awaited series four of the ITV drama has had viewers gripped since it debuted last month.

The new series sees DI Sunny Khan and DCI Cassie Stuart investigate the discovery of a dismembered body in a scrap metal yard, with the team believing it had been stored in a domestic freezer for 30 years.

Some viewers think they have already solved the case, but now the show's creator Chris Lang has revealed that clues can be found in the show's opening title sequence and theme tune.

Taking to Twitter recently, he shared the new opener for the series – which last aired in 2018 – and wrote alongside it: "Our new titles, full of little teasers and clues.”

The song that plays over the opening titles is "All We Do"  written and performed by Oh Wonder.

Lyrics include "all we do is hide away" and "all we do is lie and wait" which could definitely refer to the criminals involved in the cold cases.

Meanwhile the images that feature in the opening sequence include an allotment, test tubes, and an abandoned Sylvanian Family toy in a smashed car."

While some don't make any sense with the series at the moment, some can be explained, such as an aerial shot of Cambridge, which is linked to suspect Elizabeth Baildon, who lives and works in the area.

A shot of a London scrapyard is also seen, and that is where the dismembered body was found in episode one.

And a brief glimpse at an ultrasound scan could be relating to suspect Ram Sidhu, who is an expectant father.

Viewers have been thrilled to have the show back on their screens, although many are devastated they can't binge watch the series on ITV Hub.

Unforgotten airs on Mondays at 9pm on ITV.

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