Ulrika Jonsson reveals she would marry again for the fourth time

ULRIKA Jonsson has revealed she would marry again, making it 'fourth time lucky' for the mum-of-four.

The TV presenter and new Sun columnist admits she's still open minded about walking down the aisle again, saying: “I can’t ever rule it out for the future.

“I’m a hedonist and a spontaneous person who believes in love.”

In 2019, Ulrika, 53, revealed to The Sun that she was divorcing husband Brian Monet, 52, after 12 years of marriage because they had only had sex once in over eight years.

In the searingly honest interview, she said the lack of intimacy made her feel “repulsive’

She shared: “It made me, as a woman who has always enjoyed affection in relationships, feel rejected and confused, especially as there had been a really great sexual attraction between us when we met.

“It had a really detrimental effect on me. I started disliking myself; my body; I felt repulsive and started shutting myself off physically and psychologically.”

But now she’s willing to give love – and possibly marriage – another go, even though a good friend promised to SHOOT HER if she married again.

Ulrika says: ““I remember after my second divorce I said to a friend: ‘You have my permission to shoot me if I ever marry again.’

“She obviously didn’t own a gun as I went and did it anyway!”

Ulrika was first wed to TV cameraman John Turnbull in 1990 and had son Cameron, now 26. The pair divorced five years later.

After having her daughter Bo, now 21, with German Marcus Kempen, the relationship quickly ended and she met Lance Gerrad-Wright in 2002 while present dating show Mr Right.

They married a year later and had daughter Martha, now 17.

The pair divorced in 2005 and three years later, Ulrika wed advertising exec Brian Monet, having son Malcolm, 12.

Ulrika says: “While it would feel strange getting married again, I can’t ever rule it out for the future.

“My last marriage was 12 years and the first one was seven years, so they’re not too bad.”

The Swedish-born Shooting Stars panelist has been open about online dating and is openly looking for love.

She says: “I have a lot of love to give.

“But I realise the words ‘marriage’ and ‘Ulrika Jonsson’ have a bit of an image problem – they need some seriously good PR.

“And I want to do plenty of fooling around before that could happen.”

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