Two-bed house with a functional jail in the basement on the market for £267,300

You’ve heard of the naughty step (or corner) but what about taking it up a notch?

Residents of this property can send any delinquents straight to jail.

That’s because the house, located in Missouri, U.S, comes with a jail in the basement, complete with nine cells.

The two-story home in Fayette City used to belong to the town sheriff, who would hold criminals.

Much like firemen who have accommodations in fire stations, the Howard County sheriff’s house, built in 1875, was designed to function as the town jail too.

In the past century, the house was remodelled and put on the market.

In 2015, it went through a million-dollar renovation and is back on the market, for any family who doesn’t mind the prison in the basement.

Each of the nine cells come with barred doors, windows, and locking mechanisms.

And it can be anyone’s for $350,000 (£267,000).

The listing on House of Brokers Realty says the property includes an electric fireplace in the living room, geothermal cooling and forced-air heating, dual zone control HVAC, programmable thermostat, smoke detectors, and other homely features.

If you’re more intrigued by the jail feature then know that it still has all the furnishings of a traditional prison including metal bunk beds, toilets in each sell and window areas where the warden would pass food.

Some cells also have showers inside.

The rest of the 2465-square house looks pretty swanky, with large bedrooms, bathrooms and a spacious living room, all across three floors.

The main bathroom also comes with a large shower and bathtub.

Anyone who got their hands on the property could always strip out the jail and use the space for something else.

Alternatively, you could rent it out for a cool jail-themed Airbnb stay?

More details on the property are available on the House of Brokers website.

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