'Twilight': Those Fast Vampire Running in the Movies Are Hilarious

When Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight books were turned into movies, no one could have expected how big  TwilightNew MoonEclipseBreaking Dawn – Part 1, and Breaking Dawn – Part 2 would be.

The saga followed starcrossed lovers Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson) as they encountered forces from the human, vampire, and werewolf worlds trying to tear them apart.

However, not everything about Twilight was so serious, including how they got those fast vampire running scenes to look so sharp.

Stephenie Meyer was inspired to write ‘Twilight’ because of a dream

Vampires aren’t a new subject to tackle in movies. However, Meyer reached a brand new audience with her love story between the mind-reading Edward and his human girlfriend, Bella.

She created a world where vampires not only had super strength and a thirst for blood, but they also have unique abilities and they glittered in the sunlight. The entire world of Twilight actually came to Meyer in a dream. The author told Oprah.com via CNN,

It was two people in kind of a little circular meadow with really bright sunlight, and one of them was a beautiful, sparkly boy and one was just a girl who was human and normal, and they were having this conversation. The boy was a vampire, which is so bizarre that I’d be dreaming about vampires, and he was trying to explain to her how much he cared about her and yet at the same time how much he wanted to kill her. It really captured my imagination.

In the end, Meyer wrote the dram down simply because she wanted to remember it.

No one thought ‘Twilight’ was going to be successful

Meyer already had a major fan base from her books. However, no one was sure how the books would translate on the big screen. Catherine Hardwicke, the movies’ director explained that the production company Summitt only predicted the movie would make $29 million.

“No one thought it was going to be successful,” Hardwicke told  The Hollywood Reporter. “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants was a successful girls’ book turned into a movie, and it made $29 million, and I was told that Twilight would make about the same amount of money, making our budget really tight. But it was a perfect storm because Meyer kept releasing books as we were making the first movie. So that fan base really started building.”

In the end, Twilight more than doubled their box office expectations in the opening weekend, “We made $69 million opening weekend and $400 million overall,” the director shared. 

This is how ‘Twilight’ pulled off those fast vampire running scenes

The Twilight Saga film’s certainly weren’t perfect. Fans were amused by Edward’s glittering skin and some of the scenes that required CGI were lackluster. Now, one TikTok fan is absolutely losing it after discovering how the cast and crew pulled off those fast vampire running scenes.

@chloeewebber shared a hilarious video on TikTok from the Twilight behind-the-scenes, that showed the Twilight actors running on a treadmill which was then being pulled by a tractor of some sort.

It looks absolutely absurd and fans cannot stop laughing.

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