Trevor Noah And The Daily Social Distancing Show Tout A ‘Big Brother’ With Ex-Presidents

There apparently are coronavirus vaccines around the corner. But convincing the American people to take them will prove a challenge, given that many don’t wear masks. A shot would be “a mask that hurts,” says Trevor Noah.

So it is that three ex-presidents – Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush – have offered to be among the first to take the vaccine on live TV as a way to bolster confidence. “It’s also a great way to sneak to the front of the line,” noted Noah.

Why hasn’t President Trump offered to be among them? Well, he’s already beaten the coronavirus. “I’m glad Trump isn’t a part, because you know he’s find a way to make it awkward. ‘I don’t want anybody seeing my butt.’

But beyond taking the vaccine, seeing its results are also important. Noah suggested, “What we really need to do is watch them 24/7,” which he said would be best accomplished if “They need to live in a house.”

It’s such a great high concept that Noah took it a step further, vaccinations be damned. “Let’s just make the show!”

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