Too Close’s Emily Watson details ‘really grim’ location for ITV thriller ‘A dead building’

Too Close: Emily Watson stars in gripping trailer for drama

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Too Close is a slow-burning three-part psychological thriller that centres around Connie Mortensen (played by Denise Gough), a wife and mother accused of a horrific crime, and forensic psychiatrist Emma Robertson (Emily Watson). The ITV drama focuses on Emma interviewing the suspect to determine whether she should have a chance at release and actress Emily has opened up on Too Close’s “really grim” filming location.

Connie has been accused of a despicable crime but it’s something she claims to have no memory of. 

While in custody, the tabloids tear the mother’s life apart and Emma is appointed to try and figure out what’s going on inside her head. 

During the interviews, the tension between the two main characters is palpable.

However, Emma star Emily has revealed those “intense” scenes were particularly “grim” to film. 

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She explained: “We filmed the psychiatric unit scenes at the now-closed Holloway Prison in London. 

“It was a really grim place. Now a dead building which has housed so many sad lives. 

“Those scenes are very intense. But there is also a real thriller element to Too Close.”

“It’s a detective story thriller in a way and a race against me to uncover the truth of what actually happened. It has a real energy to it,” she added.

In the drama, it’s Emma job to assess what Connie’s state of mind was at the moment she committed the crime. 

The forensic psychiatrist has to determine whether the suspect should face life in jail or a secure psychiatric hospital, or be given the chance of rehabilitation. 

However, Emma is dealing with her own wounded past as the actress explained: “Emma is very self-contained. She hasn’t dealt with something that happened in her past. 

“Obviously as a psychiatrist, she knows all of the right things to say to herself. But the actual unbelievable, horrendous, crushing guilt is still fully there and she has just covered it over. 

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“She doesn’t feel she deserves to be happy. She doesn’t feel she deserves love or passion. All of those things that were once there before. Her relationship with her husband has suffered. Emma cannot allow herself to be happy and enjoy life.”

Discussing the relationship between the two women, Emma said: “Connie is a very sensitive and clever person. In another life, these women would be equals.

“They would be friends. There’s something about the sort of psychotic state Connie has gone into that has made her immensely perceptive.

“She can immediately sense where Emma’s weaknesses are and starts to dig and probe. 

“Emma is provoked by Connie and struggles to maintain her professional approach. 

“Connie starts to uncover the rawness at Emma’s centre and their relationship goes way over that line.”

“They become far ‘too close’. Emotionally intimate,” the actress added.

“And it’s very volatile and dangerous, but within that Emma eventually makes some progress with Connie.”

Too Close starts tonight on ITV at 9pm.

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