Tom Parker's Wanted pals in talks about reunion to celebrate band's success after devastating brain tumour diagnosis

THE WANTED could reunite to celebrate their success as a group after singer Tom Parker revealed his brain tumour diagnosis.

In their heyday the band landed ten UK top ten singles, including two No1s.

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Singer and Strictly Come Dancing star Max George is leading the talks over a possible get-together.

Max and bandmates Nathan Sykes, Jay McGuinness and Siva Kanesawaran have rallied around Tom since he revealed he had the inoperable tumour on Monday.

In the years following the band’s hiatus, which was announced in 2014, they had drifted apart, but now pals say they are starting to grow closer again.

An insider said: “Max has always been open about wanting to get the group back together to mark one of their anniversaries.

“Those years for the lads were some of the best of their lives and they all love performing.

“For various reasons some of the lads grew apart but now it seems that next year, depending on how everything goes, they could do something to mark just how far the group has come.”

And Tom is just as keen. He has said before: “I would really, really like us to get back together as a five. It would be so cool for us to get back on stage as a band.”

Earlier this year, after JLS had reformed, Max said: “I’d do it, absolutely. I love what I am doing, my own stuff and writing, but the lads know I would love to do it. We’ll see. It could happen.”

As a Wanted fan I’d love to see them back together, but the most touching thing has been seeing how they have all rallied together in the toughest of times.

You’ve got some good pals there, Tom.

Pour guy, Kourt

IS there a more humiliating job than an umbrella flunky for a talentless celebrity?

Spare a thought for this poor chap who shielded Kourtney Kardashian from a downpour in New York as she sipped on a smoothie.

It’s a far cry from Sir Walter Raleigh taking off his coat and putting it over a muddy puddle for Elizabeth I in 1581.

But these poor saps are becoming all too common with Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey and even Towie reject Lauren Goodger guilty of employing the brolly wallies.

Until Chancellor Rishi Sunak announces it as a job we can retrain as, I say ban them.

Look who's Kim out of the cake

WHEN I saw this picture of Kim Kardashian all I could think was “happy birthday to . . . me”.

The reality star looked stunning as she burst out of a huge cake in just a silver bikini ahead of celebrating her 40th on October 21.

Another shot she posted on her Instagram account saw her getting messy as she got her hands into the delicious treat.

In another video Kim wore a pink latex outfit and hurled cake at the camera.

I’ll give it to her, she looks amazing for her age. But never one to miss an opportunity to make some dosh, the wife of Kanye West announced she was releasing a new collection of her make-up range to mark the milestone.

Classy as ever, Kim.

Roger's got a nuts allergy

ROGER Daltrey has been through the wars but his latest affliction has hit him the hardest.

The WHO rocker says a case of meningitis five years ago made him allergic to cannabis.

He revealed: “Since then I’ve got this terrible allergy to the smell of pot. Of all the afflictions! It’s a nightmare. My throat closes up at the smell.

“Pot is now legal in California so everybody smokes it. I don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun – I’d prefer if they ate it. It does the same thing, it just takes a bit longer to work.”

Roger suffers from tinnitus and dysplasia – abnormal cells in the vocal cords – and needs regular checks on his throat.

The My Generation singer told the How To Wow podcast about his latest performing routine.

Roger said: “I take a couple of antihistamines before I go on and I can get through it all right.

“There’s pot at every gig. It’s political but I’ve never understood why it’s criminalised the way it is.

“It’s crazy. You’d criminalise booze way before pot if it was down to health. All the way down the line, it doesn’t make any sense at all.”

Think I’ll stick to the beers thanks, Rog.

Lockdown Dawn high

I GOT through this summer by drinking copious pints of beer – but actor Chris O’Dowd and his wife Dawn O’Porter got high during lockdown.

The couple ate psychedelic mushrooms at their Los Angeles home, while writer and presenter Dawn regularly took weed gummies, too.

In her new memoir, she says of one day: “I ate half an indica gummy. Halfway through dinner my arms, legs and head turned into lead and I wasn’t entirely sure how I was going to get across the room again.

“It wasn’t scary, but I wasn’t expecting it to be so strong. I went to bed because, as Chris said, ‘Don’t waste it’, and I lay down and was asleep within minutes.”

In the book, Life In Pieces, the former Balls Of Steel star also says she and Thor actor Chris drank a lot every day while at home with their two children.

She said: “We got drunk every night then watched Hamilton on mushrooms.”

Dawn added: “The gummies are strong, so I have a tiny nibble. I’m never looking to be off my head when I’m around my kids, all I’m aiming for is for a slight buzz to numb the agony of having to look after them.

“After I quit (cigarette smoking), I hated smoking weed even more, so you can imagine my relief when I discovered edibles. When I smoked it, I felt like I was locked in a cupboard with all the lights turned off.

“Indica is different, it goes to your mind, but it really works on your body. People take it to chill them out. It’s not a party drug really, as it makes you quite lethargic. I’ve not really taken it until last night.”

Leigh's going pout out

THERE’S no question Leigh-Anne Pinnock was off pout and about when she struck this pose.

The Little Mix singer was wearing a sexy white blouse undone to her navel and ripped jeans to kiss to the camera ahead of dinner at new London celeb haunt The Broadway.

Leigh-Anne has been hard at it producing new album Confetti with bandmates Jade Thirlwall, Jesy Nelson and Perrie Edwards, along with working on their hit BBC show The Search – so she deserved a relaxing evening out.

Deck the hall, Kath

FOR the first time this year I’ve started to think about Christmas as Katherine Jenkins has announced she is returning to the Royal Albert Hall.

The classical singer, who would usually perform at the venue during the festive season, has instead filmed a special concert there.

Katherine says it is a “fully-fledged feature film” incorporating unique storytelling techniques, adding: “We even have the Sugar Plum Fairy.”

The performance will be screened in cinemas worldwide on December 1.

Noel song for idol Lennon

NOEL Gallagher is one of The Beatles’ biggest fans so I don’t think anyone had to twist his arm too hard to get him involved in his latest music project.

The ex-Oasis rocker has gone into the studio to record a song for his late singer-songwriter idol John Lennon.

John, who died after being shot by a crazed fan in 1980, is being honoured by his son Sean, who is putting together an album dedicated to his dad.

The record, which will be released to mark John’s 80th birthday earlier this month, will feature the song by Noel who is working on it in North London’s Tileyard studios.

An insider said: “Sean wanted Noel on board because of his love of The Beatles and John but also in recognition of the massive impact he’s had on the UK music scene over the past few decades.”

Noel posted a shot of himself singing a song from John’s 1973 debut solo album Mind Games to mark the anniversary of his birth on October 9.

He is such a fan of the legend that Noel used part of a discussion John had shortly before he died in the lyrics for Oasis’ 1995 track, Don’t Look Back In Anger.

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