Tom Jones The Voice co-star admits to stealing from singer

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Olly Murs has been a judge on The Voice since 2018, and while he has no plans of leaving any time soon, in a recent interview, he shared what he loves most about being a judge.

The X Factor star explained he gets on well with all his fellow The Voice coaches, but one surprising friendship he has is with Sir Tom Jones.

He also opened up about his upcoming wedding to his fiance Amelia Tank.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with on behalf of Heart Bingo, Olly began: “I get on with all of them, but I would say that I never in my wildest dreams expected me and Sir Tom to get on as well as we do.

“Purely on the basis that we’re so different in our personalities. He’s also a lot older than me, we’re in different stages in our lives.”

“But we just get on well,” he continued. “We have a great friendship and get on so well.

“So I would say that me and Tom was the biggest surprise friendship for me.

“Me and Anne-Marie, of course, we get on. We’re both from the same neck of the woods in Essex.

“Even Will to an extent, you can just have random conversations with him.

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“With Tom though, I just never expected me and Tom to click as much as we do.

“He’s the one that gets on with the most just because he’s Tom Jones, he’s just such a great guy.”

Olly and Sir Tom have such a strong friendship, he even admitted to stealing from his house.

Despite not spending as much time with Sir Tom outside of filming, Olly added: “I keep meaning to go round to his house and see him because he lives close to me in London.

“But he’s always busy and I’m always busy. We never quite meet but I’ve had dinner with Tom and that.

“He loves his chocolate; I always nick his chocolate and he always knows it’s me.

“I’m like, that’s always fine there, he always gets the top chocolate, you know.

“He’s got stacks of chocolate anyway so it doesn’t matter if I steal some.”

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