Todd Chrisley slams troll, ‘prays God grants them clarity’, after racist comments about granddaughter Chloe – The Sun

TODD Chrisley has hit back at a racist troll who criticized his granddaughter Chloe and her parents for not "marrying inside their own color."

Chloe's father is Todd's son Kyle, but she was raised by her grandparents due to Kyle's former drug issues and bipolar disorder.

One social media follower commented on Todd's post, writing: "I'm sorry I don’t like it marry your own color it really screws up the kids."

However, Todd was not going to take the comment lightly, and replied:  "I hope the lord lets you live long enough to see that color doesn't screw kids up but ignorance and hate most certainly will."

Todd added: "I will pray that God tempers your heart and he grants you clarity."

He also chose to invite Chloe on to his podcast where they discussed race and racism in America.

Todd is a self-made millionaire and successful entrepreneur, whose family has appeared on the USA Network show Chrisley Knows Best for several years.

Todd and his wife Julie petitioned the courts to gain custody of Chloe when she was just six-months-old, and they have since raised her like their own.

Chloe's aunt Savannah spoke openly last week about how the family has approached racism and how Chloe may face it in the wake of George Floyd's death in Minneapolis and the following Black Lives Matter protests.

The 22-year-old Chrisley Knows Best star posted on her Instagram after fans pushed for her opinion on the matter.

"I have gotten some comments about why I haven't addressed what's gone on in Minneapolis," she began.

“Of course a lot of you say ‘oh she's a privileged white girl …' but frankly YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHO I AM!!! I have conversations about it and I'm trying to process it myself.

“My dad and I sat and had a lengthy conversation about it and we were heartbroken and scared for Chloe’s future.

“We live in a world where we have to teach her to be EXTRA cautious around police officer because the color of her skin (sic). It has to stop!!!!"

She added that she will “always stand up for what is right” and explained that it took her a few days to comment because she was “struggling” with it herself.

“I do believe that something good will come through this heartache that we are feeling together,” she said before concluding that George will “forever be remembered.”

George was arrested by Minneapolis police officers who restrained him and forced him to the floor, where Officer Derek Chauvin placed his knee on George's neck for over eight minutes while other members of law enforcement looked on.

Despite George yelling he “can’t breath” and needed “help” repeatedly, the cop refused to lift his knee.

George was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital and protests across the country have since swept the country.

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