Tipping Point viewers left swooning over ‘hot’ contestant who wins mega money

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Tipping Point viewers couldn't stop talking about a player named Carter during Wednesday's episode of the ITV game show.

Carter, Sonia, Alan and Lorraine were all taking part in the show in a bid to win mega money.

The programme, hosted by presenter Ben Shephard, sees the players attempt to retrieve coins from the Tipping Point machines by dropping counters into it. They earn the counters by answering general knowledge questions.

Tonight, Carter caught the attention of viewers watching as the hunky player was branded 'hot' by Tipping Point fans.

One viewer tweeted: "Carter is hot af".

While another wrote: "Yep Carter ain't too shabby is he".

A third gushed: "Oh Hello Carter!", with a heart-eyes emoji

"Carter has a lot of fans on here", penned another with two laughing emojis

A fifth typed: "Oooh hello Carter", with a heart-eyes emoji.

Carter did incredibly well on the show and made it to the very last round.

He made over £3,000 throughout the programme, but struggled to get the staggering £10,000 jackpot counter out of the machine.

Carter had £3,300 in his prize fund when he ran out of counters to put into the famous machine, but host Ben offered him the chance to trade his winnings for three more coins.

However, the player didn't want to take the risk and so went home with the amazing £3.3k amount.

Yesterday's episode of the programme saw a player suffer a 'brutal' drop which led to them being eliminated.

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During his turn, Dave put his counter into the machine and it tumbled down to the first shelf.

Things were looking good as he nudged the double counter towards the edge.

However, the double counter got stuck, and when it eventually fell over the edge, it fell directly on top of the coins below.

This meant none of the counters fell over the Tipping Point.

Shephard told the player: "That was really brutal Dave, I'm sorry".

Soon after, Dave was the first contestant to be eliminated as his fellow players made more money in their prize funds than he did.

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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