Tipping Point contestant leaves fans stunned with answer blunder ‘What did she say?’

Ben Shephard was back tonight hosting Tipping Point on ITV and it was the turns of Darren, Thea, Jorge, and Valerie to compete to win the trivia quiz game. Valerie was great from the off, whereas the others failed to get ahead, but an unfortunate answer blunder left viewers questioning who Valerie really was. 

Tonight it was the turn of four more hopeful contestants to win that illustrious jackpot.

Thea started off strong, but when she handed her turn over to contestant Jorge, she was left in a vulnerable position and she was quickly eliminated.

Next up were Darren and Jorge, but one of Jorge’s questions left viewers asking is the contestant had gone to school. 

Ben asked: “What month is named after Emperor Augustus.”

Viewers thought the answer was obviously ‘August’, but when Jorge answered “July” it wasn’t just the viewers who were annoyed, he was also disappointed in himself. 


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However, it was a question about a reptile that really got the viewer’s attention this evening. 

Ben asked: “With its brush-like tongue, the honeyeater belongs to which class of animals?

Valerie gave an answer of reptile to the question but her strong Scottish accent warped the word and viewers thought she said “erectile” instead. 

They quickly took to Twitter to discuss Valerie’s apparently embarrassing blunder.

One viewer said: “Erectile, eh? #TippingPoint.”

Another joked: “Valerie said a reptile. I thought she said erectile, the dirty b****! #tippingpoint.”

“Reptile or erectile #tippingpoint,” added another, but even with the blunder, Valerie had made it into the final. 

Valerie had already proven she knew what she was talking about and continued to show this in the final. 

When asked what she would do with the money Valerie said: “Well, I used to live in Africa, so I would definitely go back.”

The contestant came so close to winning the £10,000 jackpot but at the last minute decided against it. 

Valerie did a good job of getting near the jackpot coin but with just three counters to go, she decided to take the £3,500 total she had earned over the show instead. 

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This proved to be the sensible choice, as when Ben dropped the last coins they would not have managed to guarantee her the jackpot. 

They came very close, but instead, Valerie was relieved and grateful for the money she did have to take home. 

Last night, host Ben Shepherd was left exhausted as contestant Gareth just missed out on winning the 20k jackpot. 

After managing to get all the way to the final, Gareth had the chance to leave the show with double the normal £10,000 jackpot. 


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Just before Ben asked the very last question he told Gareth: “I don’t think I’ve ever seen it quite like this. You could be about to create Tipping Point history Gareth.”

Unfortunately, Gareth wasn’t able to get the drop counter to land where he needed it to go and he was forced to choose between the money he had earned or push forward for the change of £10-20,000, and eventually chose to stick with the £2,700. 

Bradley asked: “Silly question Gareth but how are you feeling?”

The player noted he felt “deflated” but was happy to be walking away with the money he had earned earlier on. 

Tipping Point continues on ITV tomorrow at 4pm. 

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