Tiny Pretty Things filming location: Where was Tiny Pretty Things filmed?

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Tiny Pretty Things arrived on Netflix in December 2020 and the drama series is based on the book by Sona Charaipotra and Dhonielle Clayton. The series focuses on Cassie Shore (played by Anna Maiche), and the truth behind who pushed her from the roof of a building. Fans are keen to know where the series was filmed, and Express.co.uk has investigated.

Where was Tiny Pretty Things filmed?

Tiny Pretty Things quickly made its way into the Netflix Top 10 as fans became hooked on the whodunnit element of the series.

The debut season left viewers wondering which of her peers pushed her from the roof, leaving her in a coma.

There had been plenty of suspects, including her boyfriend Nabil (Michael Hsu Rosen) and fellow dancer Bette Whitlaw (Casimere Jollette).

The hooded attacker’s identity was revealed at the end of the season, and viewers are desperate to find out if they confess to their crime in a second season.

While they await the news of season two, they have been interested in the filming locations for the series.

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Filming began in August 2019 and came to an end in December of that year – with most of the filming taking place in Toronto, Canada.

Some of the buildings featured in the series include the Royal Conservatory of Music in Bloor Street, which was used as the Archer School of Ballet.

The director of the series, Lauren Holly, lives nearby which made the decision to film in Toronto a no-brainer.

Other filming locations include the BlueBlood Steakhouse, historical site Fort York, Living Arts Centre and the Thompson Hotel.

Fans may have recognised Toybox Nightclub, Arthur’s Restaurant and Brampton City Hall in certain episodes.

The series was also said to have been partly filmed in Chicago, and a casting call was announced for extras back in September 2019.

Some of the Chicago filming locations included Wabash Avenue, The Art Institute of Chicago and the Riverwalk.

The centre of activity was the Archer School of Ballet and the Royal Conservatory of Music served as the perfect spot.

The venue is one of the largest music education institutions in the world, and it has been open for more than 130 years.

Their website added: “Since 2009, the RCM has also been one of the great centres in the world for performing arts, inspiring audiences through performances in Koerner Hall – recognised for its breathtaking acoustics and beautiful architecture.”

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Viewers have mixed opinions about the series, but overall it has received positive reviews.

One said on Twitter: “Even though I disliked Netflix’s tiny pretty things as adaptation I’m kinda in love with the cast there so talented & gorgeous [sic].”

The series actually cast professional dancers in lead roles, which made for some breathtaking performances.

Kylie Jefferson and Barton Cowperthwaite, who play Neveah Stroyer and Oren Lennox in the series, are both trained dancers.

Commenting on their iconic dance scene, one fan said: “Please please please do season 2 of #TinyPrettyThingsNetflix. This show is AWESOME. Awesome casting, Great storyline, Lovely dance moves/styles, Best songs choice!! Please please make season 2 [sic].”

WARNING: This section contains spoilers for Tiny Pretty Things

Professional dancer Emily Skubic also had a guest role in the series, as Lindy, but she was uncredited.

News of the series first came about in August 2019 when the 10-episode series order was given the green light.

The series begged the question of who pushed Cassie off the roof, and fans were led to believe it was Bette, as she was tough competition.

At the end of the series, it was revealed Bette’s sister Delia (Tory Trowbridge) had been the one to push Cassie as she found out Cassie had been involved with her boyfriend.

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