Tiger Woods 'told mistress Rachel Uchitel she was the only one he ever loved' and called their romps 'plugging in'

TIGER Woods "told his mistress Rachel Uchitel that she was the only one he ever loved" and called their romps "plugging in," according to a bombshell documentary.

The ex-nightclub hostess claimed Woods felt "recharged" after being with her because he could unload his problems onto her – even though he was married to model Elin Nordegren.

According to Uchitel, 45, he texted her "you were the only one I ever love" moments before Nordegren tricked his ex-mistress into admitting to the affair using his phone.

Uchitel opened up about their tryst in a two-part HBO film about Woods’ life called "Tiger," which will air on Sunday.

She said: "He would refer to it as 'plugging in.' He would tell me when he saw me he felt he could plug in and get recharged.

"He had trouble sleeping and would have to take Ambien. I’d sit next to him for hours while he’d fall asleep next to me and when he got up he allowed himself to be a little kid. 

"It sounds kind of odd. He would eat cereal and he’d watch his cartoons and he was like a fountain, he wanted to talk and talk and talk."

The HBO film reported that Woods used 10 prostitutes during wild parties in Las Vegas to the tune of $100,000 or more as one ex-escort claimed he was into role playing and treating them like "little puppets."

Woods supposedly saw his dad, Earl Woods, have sex with blondes in a Winnebago RV parked next to golf courses during his childhood practice sessions, family friend Joe Grohman alleged.

The pro-golfer's reputation took a battering in 2009 when Uchitel was revealed to be the first of more than 12 mistresses.

In the film, she said: "I have stayed quiet about this story but at this point I have nothing left to lose. My name hasn’t lost the stigma at all."

Speaking about their meeting at Griffin, an exclusive nightclub in New York, she recalled: "He said something like when can I see you again. It was intimidating.

"This was Tiger Woods. I know he was married, I knew he had responsibilities but he said I want you to fly to Orlando then I will come see you there.

"That was the first night I had sex with him and I remember thinking how am I ever going to be with a mere mortal again because so many people put him on such a pedestal and here he was in my bed, and he was my Tiger."

She continued: "He told me a lot about his childhood, his dad and he was sick of trying to hide who he was but he was so scared of the real Tiger not living up to the Tiger that everybody else thinks he is.

"One day I did ask him why he didn’t check in at home with Elin [Nordegren]. He said she doesn’t ask questions like you, she’s not like you. 

"It occurred to me he wanted someone to check in with. I asked him a million questions and he wanted to give every single detail he hadn’t been able to say in years or ever."

Once, Uchitel told Tiger she would miss him when he dropped her off at the airport; he told her to "learn to compartmentalize your feelings, push them off to the side and think about something else."

Their love affair became public when he invited her to the Australian Masters in 2009, saying "I can’t win if you’re not here."

"This man that everybody wanted a piece of only wanted me. That’s the biggest ''I love you' you could hear," she said.

A National Enquirer reporter followed her up in the elevator, watched her go into Woods’ suite and so, the story ran.

A frantic Woods put her on the phone to Nordegren for 30 minutes to convince her "I was not having a sexual relationship with Tiger" and it seemed to work.

But on Thanksgiving, Tiger's wife pretended to be her husband – who had taken an Ambien – and called Uchitel, who answered "hey babe."

"I knew it was you," Nordegren said, before getting into an enormous fight with Tiger which culminated in her chasing him with a golf club and the renowned athlete crashing his car into a tree.

The mother of his two kids Nordegren divorced him for a whopping $100 million, according to reports.

"I regret that he was married and I regret the mistakes that I made but people came at me like they wanted to blame me for the fact a married man cheated on his wife," Uchitel reflected.

"Like I was the only one responsible for his actions."

A confidentiality settlement was arranged and Tiger told Uchitel to "get as much as you can" out of his legal team, which she interpreted as his "only way to love me at the time."

In 2017, Tiger was booked for a DUI in Palm Beach County and found to have five different drugs in his system, noted the Daily Mail.

The HBO documentary said his life began to spin out of control after his dad died in 2006; afterwards, he began to make wild trips to Vegas, partying with Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley.

Former madam Michelle Braun, who claims to have serviced Woods, alleged that "every couple of months he requested to have multiple girls."

"It could be up to 10 girls at a time," she claimed. "He had a particular type, he liked young college cutie, girl next door types, preferably blonde."

Ex-escort Loredana Jolie said: "He was into role playing. We would go and get tons of girls and he’d dress into a suit. We were like little puppets."

Grohman blamed Tiger's behavior on him and his dad's exploits noting that "for a long time me and Earl were the two biggest male figures in his life."

"Here I am chasing skirts and bringing them to the course and he’s seeing this. And I was married at the time and he’s seeing this," he said.

"To have access to this child’s development and expose him to that…sorry champ."

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