Tiger King's Joe Exotic 'shot horse in the head and fed it to tigers' on camera

Joe Exotic’s former producer has claimed Tiger King ‘didn’t go far enough’ in showing the bizarre world of the eccentric zoo owner and his business practices. 

Netflix’s latest documentary has got the world hooked with its twisted tale of murder-for-hire, animal abuse, and the war between Joe and animal rights activist, Carole Baskin. 

But according to Rick Kirkham, Joe’s former producer who appeared in the documentary, we still haven’t seen the half of it. 

Speaking to TMZ, Rick said: ‘If anything the documentary doesn’t go far enough to show how crazy Joe is.’ 

Rick then revealed a time he witnessed Joe – full name Joe Maldonado-Passage – lie to a woman about taking care of her horse, only to immediately kill it. 

The producer, who stayed with Joe filming his every move, explained: ’He said, “Oh of course we will. just unhitch the trailer, we’ll bring it back to you tomorrow, and we’ll give him a nice pasture to run in.”’

‘The lady cried and he hugged her. She drove off the park,’ he continued. ‘By the time she got to the exit of the zoo, Joe told me “watch me Rick, follow me with the camera”.’ 

‘He walked right up to that horse trailer, pulled out his revolver, shot the horse in the head,’ Rick revealed. ‘Then cut it up and fed it to the tigers. 

‘That was Joe Exotic on a daily basis.’ 

The story of Joe, Carole, and those surrounding the fight of GW Zoo is still ongoing, with multiple twists in the story just getting more complicated.

Joe is currently serving 22 years for trying to kill Carole, but is apparently loving his new found fame with fans sending him letters in jail.

He is fighting his conviction, wanting a presidential pardon from Donald Trump, and using a $94million settlement.

Tiger King: Murder Mayhem and Madness is available now on Netflix. 

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