Tiger King star Carole Baskin begs Kate McKinnon not to use real cats in new TV miniseries

TIGER King star Carole Baskin has begged Kate McKinnon to not use real cats in the upcoming TV miniseries.

It was announced last week that the hit Netflix docu-series would be getting a dramatic retelling with SNL castmember Kate playing Big Cat Rescue owner Carole.

And in light of the casting news, the 59-year-old animal activist has urged Kate, 36, not to use live tigers in the series as it would be "cruel".

Baskin's statement to TMZ began: "We hope McKinnon has a passion for animals and that her series will focus on the horrible lives captive big cats lead when exploited by breeders like Joe Exotic.

"We further hope she urges the public to support the Big Cat Public Safety Act that would end the cub petting abuse in America."

Although the hotly-anticipated show doesn't have a network attached just yet, Carole asked that production consider using CGI tigers.

Animal welfare organization PETA also echoed Baskin's sentiments and asked that the mini-series "use only CGI, animatronics, or even existing footage of big cats and other animals".

It was announced last week that the Netflix documentary had been snapped up for a drama adaptation starring Kate as Carole, and would equally executive produce the adaptation with Universal Content Productions.

The seven-part series has captivated viewers since it's release earlier this month.

It centers on eccentric animal collector Joe Exotic, 57, who owned 1200 lions, tigers and bears in the middle of Oklahoma.

The owner of big cat sanctuary in Florida was critical of wildlife personality Joe, his zoo and other parks like it.

He in return would publicly threaten her on his online show and on one occasion filled her mailbox with venomous snakes.

Their bitter rivalry escalated to new heights when Joe Exotic tried to hire a hitman for $3,000 to murder Carole.

He is currently serving 22 years behind bars for the attempted hit as well as crimes-related to trafficking and killing animals.

Following his arrest and conviction for ordering the hit on Carole, he has made extreme claims Carole killed her first husband, Jack 'Don' Lewis.

Don went missing in 1997 after 'going away to Costa Rica' and never returning.

He was declared legally dead in 2002, and Carole has vehemently denied Joe's accusations that she killed Jack and either buried his body under a septic tank, or fed him to her tigers.

Since the seven-episode series first launched on Netflix, Carole has slammed how her first marriage was portrayed.

She wrote in a lengthy blog: "Anyone who wants to put up the money to replace our sceptic tanks is welcome to dig them all up."

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