This Morning's Eamonn Holmes horrified as Dennis Nilsen cop reveals moment he opened cupboard full of body parts

THIS Morning's Eamonn Holmes was left disgusted after the cop who arrested Dennis Nilsen described finding a cupboard full of body parts.

Eamonn was horrified after a clip from a documentary about Nilsen's murders showed bin liners in a wardrobe filled with body parts.

The clip showed former DI Steve McCusker talking about arresting and interogatting the infamous serial killer.

The necrophile carried out a horrific killing spree on young men and boys between 1978 and 1983 in London, many of whom were vulnerable or homeless.

Steve joined Eamonn and Ruth Langsford on This Morning to describe what it was like arresting Dennis.

A clearly disgusted Eamonn started by asking Steve about finding the body parts.

"You open a wardrobe and you say it's full of body parts in bin liners, the stench must've been awful," he asked.

But the Steve made a shocking confession himself about the life of a police officer.

"It (the stench) was absolutely incredible but unfortunately it was a smell that we as police officers were aware of and as soon as we walked in the door we knew that some dead body was lying somewhere within that flat," the former police officer explained.

The retired cop also described how Dennis was very calm when he was arrested and quickly confessed to his crimes.

"He did not resist (arrest) at all he was very calm, surprisingly so, we were shocked that he was quick to admit what he'd been up to, it wasn't until we got to the car that were like two mates going to the police station and hejust started rambling," Steve said.

"I asked him how many bodies we would find… he looked me in the eye and said '15 or 16' and said 'it was good to get it off my chest'."

Steve also described that Dennis' energy was "weird" and that "he had no expression".

The serial killer, who was known as the Muswell Hill Murderer, was 35 years into his life sentence when he died.

He claimed he killed 15 or 16 men in the 1970s and 80s, with many of his victims vulnerable boys and homeless.

Nilsen lured his victims back to his flat before he drowned or strangled them.

The twisted Scotsman would then often sit with their bodies for days before he dismembered them, according to reports.

Dennis was arrested in February 1983 after human remains were found blocking the drain of his flat.

But despite confessing to murdering "15 or 16" young men, he was eventually charged with six counts of murder and two of attempted murder.

However, despite his earlier admission, when it came to trial Nilsen pleaded not guilty of the crimes, citing diminished responsibility due to mental defect.

Dennis was only caught when plumbers found human remains blocking the drain of his London flat.

He was serving his sentence at maximum security HMP Full Sutton in Yorkshire and was 35 years into his life sentence when he died of natural causes aged, 72.

There's been a renewed interest in Dennis' killing spree thanks to ITV drama, Des, starring David Tennant as the infamous serial killer.

Des concluded on September 16, 2020.

There are three episodes.

You can watch them all NOW on the ITV Hub.

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