This Is My House fans horrified as contestant licks stained sofa during a pandemic in bid to win show

THIS Is My House viewers were disgusted when a women licked the stain on a sofa in an attempt to win the show.

The out-there format sees four people trying to convince a panel of celebrities that they are the real homeowner to bag £1,000.

And last night's episode delivered four people who claimed they were called Fern and that the place in Ashford, Kent, was theirs.

The second Fern, growing increasingly outraged that one of her competitors insisted there were no stain on 'her' sofa, took matters into her own hands.

Pointing at the back of the couch she said: "What do you call that? Peach fruit."

She then leaned over and put her tongue on it, saying: "There you go guys, I licked it. That's how adamant I am it's peach fruit."

Fern one said: "Fern 2 took her tongue and put it on my sofa. How much does Fern 2 want this that she's willing to lick someone else's sofa during a pandemic?"

Traumatised Strictly champ Bill Bailey, who was one of the judges, looked in on horror asking: "What just happened? Licking a sofa on television."

And many agreed, with one tweeting: "Fern 2 how much do you win….for this…well wouldn’t lick my own sofa and I know who sits on them."

However, it quickly emerged that Fern 2 was the real homeowner – with many suggesting her sofa-licking antics proved the was the real deal from that moment on.

One wrote: "It was obvious it was Fern 2 when she pointed out the sofa stain when she wasn’t even that close and then licked it and yes I just spent an hour watching."

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