The Undoing fans spot major clue Jonathan is lying in court – branding him 'pathological, fake and manipulative'

THE Undoing fans think they can prove Jonathan Fraser has been lying this whole time and the secret is in his 'crocodile tears'.

Hugh Grant plays the cheating paediatrician at the centre of the murder trial of his former lover, Elena Alves.

In one particularly haunting scene, he reveals to his wife Grace Fraser (Nicole Kidman) that he was responsible for his little sister's death when she was just four years old.

The disgraced doctor tells his supportive wife that he was too busy making a sandwich to supervise his sister who wandered out onto the road and was hit by a car.

A shocked Grace comforts her cheating in the busy Manhattan restaurant where they're lunching with their son, Henry during Jonathan's trial for the murder of Elena.

But sceptical fans don't quite believe Jonathan's emotional reaction to telling his wife the horrible truth.

They branded Jonathan a 'sociopath' and said his lack of tears while crying was not due to "a lack of saline on set", but rather his "manipulative nature".

"No tears are coming out of your eyes, Jonathan. We are hip to your manipulative ways," wrote one Twitter user.

Another added: "These aren’t even real tears… sir, have several seats you pathological liar."

And a third said: "Jonathan is crying with no tears. Cut the bulls**t sister-killer-wife cheater."

While a fourth commented: "Hugh Grant those are crocodile tears you ain’t making me feel sorry for your lying and cheating ass."

People's comments come as the popular series dropped its penultimate episode today and fans try to figure out who killed Elena.

The latest theory is that Grace's best friend, Sylvia Steineitz, is actually the murderer.

They are speculating there has been 'something off' about the contract lawyer right from the get go, especially after she admitted secretly helping Jonathan Fraser after he was fired from his job.

Fans think Sylvia murdered Elena in a jealous rage, because she was actually the first woman Jonathan had an affair that he described as a “one-off years ago.”

The Undoing continues Monday, November 23 on Sky Atlantic at 9pm.

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