The Umbrella Academy’s powers explained – from super strength to mind control and even time travel

THE UMBRELLA Academy has seven members – here’s all their powers explained from super strength to mind control and even time travel. 

The Hargreeves siblings, all born on October 1, 1989, have special abilities that allowed them to fight crime as children and become superheroes.

As mentioned above, according to the comic books, on October 1, 1989, 43 extraordinary children were born around the world all with incredible powers. 

Mysterious billionaire Reginald Hargreeves vows to adopt as many as possible and after extensive research and persuasion manages to take home seven babies. 

The Monocle, as he’s known in the comics, numbers his children in the order by how useful they are to him. 

Luther Hargreeves / Number One (played by Tom Hopper)

Loveable Luther probably has the most unremarkable power of his siblings – super strength. He can lift, push, pull any weight without breaking a sweat. 

That power is intensified when his DNA is mixed with that of an ape’s to save his life, and where as before he also looked ripped – now he has a similar body shape to that of a gorilla. 

Luther’s powers do seem to be dependent, however, on his mental state. This is seen more in season two when he’s seen using his back to shield an explosion but succumbs to some punches from a mere mortal. 

Diego Hargreeves / Number Two (played by David Castañeda)

In the comics Diego, or Number Two (snigger) has a different super power – he can breathe underwater, giving him the name The Kraken. 

However, in the Netflix series Diego can throw knives and cause them to bend through space in curved and wonderful ways. 

During season two, Number Two’s powers evolve and he’s able to manipulate a barrage of bullets with his hands, Matrix-style and stops them in their tracks.

Allison Hargreeves / Number Three (played by Emmy Raver-Lampman)

Influential Allison has the ability to to manipulate, or rumour, anyone to do anything she wants. 

Simply by saying, “I heard a rumour…” she can coerce a person into believing, doing, saying or becoming anything she wants. 

In the first series she stops using her powers and during the second season, Allison still doesn’t use it much.  

However, at one point we see her unleash it on a Soviet soldier telling him she heard a rumour she blew his mind – and his head explodes in front of her. 

Klaus Hargreeves / Number Four (played by Robert Sheehan)

Klaus has the power to communicate with the dead, which is something he doesn’t particularly enjoy unless it’s with his brother, Ben.

Number Four can’t chat with ghosts if he’s drunk or high, so he spends a good portion of his life indulging so they can’t speak to him. 

At the end of season one, Klaus discovers that he can also make ghosts corporeal, which he used to channel Ben's powers during the final battle against the Commission.  

Number Five (played by Aidan Gallagher)

Number Five has no alternative name, having decided when their ‘mother’ was dishing them out that he didn’t want one. 

Five does have probably the most incredible super power however and can jump through time and space – even taking people with him, as we discover at the end of season one. 

Not only can he ‘blink’ through space, jumping from one area to another, but he can also travel forward and backward through time.  

Ben Hargreeves / Number Six (played by Justin H. Min)

Ben’s power is that he can summon monsters from other dimensions and channel them through his body.

This is most often shown as a terrifying, multi-tentacled beast that appears to rip limbs from people and generally be incredibly destructive. 

Unfortunately, Ben died when he was young and his death has always remained a mystery. He’s close to his brother Klaus, who has the ability to talk to him, so remains a central character.

Vanya Hargreeves / Number Seven (played by Ellen Page)

Although Daddy Hargreeves labelled Vanya to have the least impressive power, she actually has arguably the best. 

Subdued with pills for years, Vanya discovers in season one that she has the ability to transform sound waves into energy. 

After causing the apocalypse at the end of the first series, mid-way through the second she’s  channelling her power and doing all kinds of amazing things like flying, blasting stuff and generally using her powers for good.

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