The Traitors star Alexs dreams of hosting a spin-off show with boyfriend Tom

The Traitors star Alex Gray has revealed her dream of hosting a spin-off show alongside boyfriend and fellow player, Tom Elderfield.

The 26 year old was the latest player to be "murdered" in the hit BBC gameshow after the Traitors concluded she would never be banished by fellow contestants.

Fresh off the "experience of an absolute lifetime", she said she hopes she and Tom will make more TV appearances together in the future.

Speaking to OK!, Alex said: "We definitely want to do more big TV stuff, and hopefully do some presenting together. We have really good chemistry together on screen.

"I was literally joking this morning to him… I was like, 'Oh my God. Wouldn't it be amazing for us to host a Traitors spin-off type show."

Speaking about her hopes for the future, she said: "There's definitely great prospects on the horizon. And like, we're just gonna keep doing what we're doing and hope for the best."

Tom and Alex initially kept their relationship a secret from fellow players in an attempt to play the game strategically and avoid looking suspicious.

But Matt, who was also a Faithful, developed a crush on the blonde beauty, and arguably became more interested in sparking romance with Alex than winning the cash prize.

She described watching Matt gush about her on the show as "difficult".

"Watching it back was kind of like, 'oh man'. It's difficult because Tom and I had to keep it a secret, so it's unfortunate that he saw me in that way.

"In reality, we actually were just really good friends and it was a very friendly relationship. There was no moment where I told him that I fancied him or anything like that."

She added: "He's doing well on the outside – I'll tell you that for free. He's good with the ladies. I don't think I was the love of his life. He's doing okay, let's just put it that way."

Despite the unrequited love, the pair have remained good friends.

"I think after something like that, you will always have a bond because there's nothing like this in the world, really, that you could ever experience unless you were in that game.

"We were the pioneers for the for the UK with that format. And we really, whether it was a trauma bond or a deep emotional bond, whatever it was, were all bonded by it in some kind of way."

Alex, who works as a presenter, said she has no regrets over declining the Traitors' offer to join them, despite the decision being what ultimately led to her exit from the show.

She went on: "What's funny is, obviously, watching the show back, so much is missed out, of course, because only an hour can be shared on TV.

"So much context and narrative and emotion is lost that when I watch it back, and I'm almost like, 'oh, I should have taken it.'

"But the reality is, at the time, it wasn't even an option. There wasn't even a single ounce of regret when I made that decision at that moment in time or after I'd left.

"It's very easy for the viewers at home or sat in a nice comfy sofa with a cup of tea watching it being like, 'Oh, what an idiot. She should have taken it,' but actually no – I just I needed to preserve my sanity over doing it because I think I would have absolutely lost my mind, suddenly developing this Traitor persona.

"I think if I'd come in as a Traitor be very different because I could you know, kind of embody the role of like Amanda has she did it so well. She's iconic."

In an explosive scene that has affectionately become known by fans as the 'Red Breakfast', Alex admitted that she wanted the ground to swallow her up after Tom shockingly confessed to the rest of the players that she was his girlfriend.

"Watching it back, I kind of forgot that everyone reacted like that because I just saw black and my mind was racing a million miles an hour trying to come up with some kind of strategy to fix this and move forward," she said.

"Prior to Tom announcing it, everyone was already shouting at each other and people were getting upset.

"I had this moment where I was like, what is this game turned into? This was not what I expected when I signed up. Seeing everyone so upset and angry at me and Tom… in my head prior to coming into it I was like, this is just a game about lying and strategy so why are people reacting like this? It was quite upsetting.

"There were a lot of dramatics and performances, but a lot of emotion was, I think majority of the emotion was real – all mine was. It was really difficult to watch back to be perfectly honest."

Although she and Tom live together in the 'real world,' she said it wasn't difficult for the couple to be separated during their time filming the show.

"I think we're actually both quite unemotional people in the sense that we're very good at dealing with highly stressful and intense situations. So we're not overly reliant on each other for like, emotional or mental support – in a healthy way.

"So we were excited, but ultimately, when it started ramping up, it was quite nice to have a hug and like take some comfort from each other.

"We just we went in to have a good time, have fun and play a good game but for me, it kind of got to the point where I wasn't really having that much fun anymore towards the very end because the emotional intensity was too much for me."

"So that's when I was like, 'Okay, I think this is my this is my time. This is no longer a game for me anymore. This is this is a reality that I didn't sign up for,'" she added.

The Traitors continues tonight at 9pm on BBC One


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