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DEMI Jones says she's "feeling anxious" as she waits in hospital to undergo a second surgery to remove cancer.

The Love Island star, 22, is having an operation after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer.

Taking to Instagram Stories she shared a clip of herself in a hospital gown waiting to be taken into the operating room.

She looked worried, but like she was trying to stay in good spirits.

Demi wrote over the top of the short clip: "Just waiting to head into surgery now to have my full thyroidectomy to remove anymore cancer on the gland.

"Feeling a bit anxious today, as I've got to be in for a few days, but I am a tough cookie. See you on the other side."

Earlier today, Demi revealed how she posted about her cancer diagnosis on social media before telling her family.

The reality star tearfully told her fans she had thyroid cancer on Instagram before undergoing an operation to remove a golf-ball size tumour.

In a new interview, Demi said she regretted not telling her family first and admitted she got swept up in the emotion of the diagnosis.

She told The Zeze Mills Show: "When I first found out it could be cancerous, I was in shock and I was crying because I went on social media, and I shouldn’t have done that because I hadn’t even told my family yet.

"I don’t even know why, I can’t even tell you because my head was scrambled and I was like 'Oh my God, guys!'"

Demi's surgery to remove the lump from her neck has left a two-inch scar and she still needs another operation to remove her entire thyroid.

In a recent interview with The Sun, she said: “At first I felt really self- conscious about it but then my nan told me to stop worrying about it. It’s a small price to pay for still being here.”

The diagnosis was even more of a shock given Demi had been told the lump was harmless.

The coronavirus pandemic led to months of delayed appointments and Demi said she had to push doctors for further tests.

She said: “If I’d listened to the doctors then I might be sitting here now not knowing I had cancer inside me."

Symptoms of thyroid cancer

The symptoms of thyroid cancer include:

  • If you notice a painless lump or swollen glands in your neck
  • Difficulty swallowing food and drink
  • A sore throat that doesn't go away after a number of weeks

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