The Secrets She Keeps’ Simon was a famous child actor – get the details

Viewers have been loving The Secrets She Keeps thanks to the dramatic plot and the stellar cast – but did you realise that one actor used to be a child star? 

An eagle-eyed fan spotted where she had seen Ryan Corr before, who plays Meghan and Jack’s family friend, Simon Beecher. Taking to Twitter, she wrote: “If anyone is watching #TheSecretsSheKeeps and is wondering where they know Simon from, it’s Matthew from The Sleepover Club. I couldn’t figure out why I kept seeing braces in his mouth then it clicked. I also can’t believe he is that old.” 

In the show, which ran from 2002 to 2008, Simon played Matthew, the leader of the M&Ms, a group of boys who enjoyed trying to disrupt the Sleepover Club girls lives who had a secret crush on Frankie. He has had a series of successful TV and film roles, and starred as Coby in Packed to the Rafters from 2009 to 2013, Love Child as Johnny Lowry and appeared in Hacksaw Ridge at Lt. Manville. 

Ryan previously played Matthew in The Sleepover Club – did you recognise him?

The Sleepover Club saw several members of the cast become huge stars, with Eliza Morley, who played Rosie, landing the lead role of Clarke Griffin in The 100, while Frankie actress Caitlin Stasey went on to play Rachel Kinski in Neighbours before starring in Reign, Please Like Me and APB

Fans have been loving the show so far, with one writing: “Just binge-watched the whole series. Omg how gripping was that!!! Amazing show, so well done. Get it watched. @Carmichelle absolutely amazing acting.” 

Another person added: “Started watching #TheSecretsSheKeeps last night. My god @Carmichelle is knocking it out of the park. Would never have thought she’d play a character like this. Brilliant stuff.” 

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