The One Show's Alex Jones forced to apologise for being 'childish' as she breaks down in hysterics

THE One Show's Alex Jones was forced to apologise for being "childish" as she broke down in hysterics.

The 44-year-old presenter was left roaring with laughter on Thursday's show after she made a hilarious gaffe.

Alex, who was joined by co-host Ronan Keating, made an awkward blunder when she red the autocue incorrectly.

The host accidentally made a slip up, when she said "he got wind" before correcting herself and saying "we got wind".

She burst into fits of giggles and cheekily joked that she was "unprofessional and so childish".

The laugh out loud moment did not go unnoticed by viewers, with several messaging the show after they got the giggles.

Ronan said: "Now, many people are messaging in about something that happened earlier in the show.

"Have a look at this, it never happens."

The clip then showed Alex

The clip then played of Alex saying: "Now, he got wind, we got wind, sorry, that he is a massive Gardener's World fan, so who better…"

She chuckled: "Oh that's really tickled me, that's so unprofessional I am so sorry – and it's so childish!"

Ronan laughed: "I absolutely love it!"

One viewer wrote: "Watching @MissAlexjones crack up laughing on the One show has made my day. Made me laugh so much #theoneshow."

Another posted: "Well if Holly and Phil can have a giggle on air @MissAlexjones why not you, we were giggling with you we need a giggle these days".

A third shared: "Thanks for cheering us all up. Funny."

It comes after The Repair Shop’s Jay Blades revealed that the biggest repair job was on himself.

Jay was left close to tears after he discussed his mental health struggles with Alex and Jermaine Jenas.

During his candid interview, Jay Blades talked about his new book and memoir named ‘Making It.’

Jay bravely shared his struggle with mental health and how he hit rock bottom after losing his busines and splitting from his wife.

He began: “The biggest repair job we have done on The Repair Shop is me.

“The community has helped me get back to my normal self because five or six years ago I felt down and I was in a really dark place and I hit rock bottom.”

He added: “Mental health-wise I couldn’t see tomorrow. It was a case of, there was no future for me.

“And when you can’t see tomorrow, there’s no need to exist.”

Talking about his dark moments, he recalled getting “in the car and just drove with no destination.”

But then he “found strength by finding my vulnerability” and cried for the first time ever at 45 years old.

In his book, Jay detailed how he has the reading ability of an 11-year-old.

Jay wrote about how his university lecturer who really helped him and thanked him in his memoir.

The One Show airs on weekdays at 7pm on BBC One.

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