The One Part Of His Life John David Washington Wishes He Could Change

Actor John David Washington is easily one of the most talented stars to rise to fame in the past few years.

Despite his relatively short career as a leading man, Washington has been nominated for both a Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild award for his breakout role in Spike Lee’s BlacKkKlansman. 

The star is even receiving Oscar buzz already in early 2021 for not only starring in but also producing the highly anticipated Malcolm & Marie. The film, where he stars opposite Euphoria lead Zendaya, is something he knew he had to be a part of. He told Variety in January 2021, “I just knew I had to do it. It was something I desperately needed artistically. I had all these feelings and anxiety, with this concern about my future. My usual outlet for those things is work.”

Yet while fans are just starting to get to know the former professional football player, Washington is no stranger to Hollywood. He not only starred in HBO’s Ballers from 2015 to 2019, but he’s also the son of Oscar winner Denzel Washington. He told People in September 2020 about how his dad inspires him, saying, “He’s been on the frontline for many years and what he’s done with it, with his opportunities, I just am so inspired and continue to be inspired by what he does and how he works and his approach to the craft and the business.” 

With a promising career, it’s hard to imagine that Washington would want to change a thing.

John David Washington wishes he could change when he was born

Tenet actor John David Washington’s career is hotter than ever, and fans and critics alike can’t wait to see more of him. So it’s hard to believe that’d he want to go back in time to change anything.

However, when asked by Variety in January 2021 where he would visit if he had a time machine, Washington had a surprising answer, saying, “The day that my mom found out she was pregnant with me.” He explained his answer, adding, “I would tell her, ‘you could wait a couple of years, get on stage, and do that musical you were supposed to do.’ I’ll be here, and I swear I’ll be the same person. Go ahead and get that jump shot off, sis!”

A funny and poignant answer that shows just how much Washington adores his mother, actress and musician Pauletta Washington. “Pauletta Washington gives me inspiration. That’s my mother, the most consistent person in my life,” he told People in September 2020. And that’s not the first time he raved about his mother in an interview. He also made a point to specify that she’s more than just movie star Denzel Washington’s wife on the Today show in 2018. He said, “A classically trained pianist. She went to Juilliard. She’s a great artist in her own right and I learned a lot from her.”

With a son like this, we doubt that neither Pauletta nor Denzel would want John David to change anything. 

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