The Office’s Cathy Says Fans Still Won't Forget When Character Tried to Seduce Jim in Florida

"I don't know how to explain it, because it's a little bit like telling kids there's no Santa," she said.

Both Krasinski and Fischer got married in 2010 — to different people. Krasinski is married to actress Emily Blunt, and Fischer is married to writer and director Lee Kirk.

"The bottom line is that we were playing characters, but I know that if people think of us as John and Jenna, then it's destroying some of the magic of Jim and Pam," Fischer added to Baumgartner.

While fans have long shipped Jim and Pam, their love story almost didn't make it to the end of the series.

Andy Greene, the author of The Office: The Untold Story of the Greatest Sitcom of the 2000s, revealed in the book that the show's creator Greg Daniels envisioned the duo breaking up because of a love triangle with the docuseries' cameraman Brian. Ultimately, the writers didn't go through with the plan because Krasinski said it would be too "painful" for fans.

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