The Mandalorian FINALLY reveals why Mando won't take off his helmet – solving major Star Wars plot hole

THE Mandalorian cleared up a major area of confusion for Star Wars fans with its latest episode.

The Disney+ series dropped Chapter 11 on Friday and it delved into Din Djarin's (Pedro Pascal) code when it came to his Mandalorian armor.

The leading man ran into trouble after being thrown into a tank with a fearsome sea creature – who had already swallowed Baby Yoda and his protective pod whole.

Fortuntaley the pair were rescued by a trio of new Mandalorians, who also offered to give Mando a steer on where he could find a Jedi.

Naturally they wanted something to return – namely Mando's help in hijacking a heavily-manned Empire ship.

However, one of the most illuminating moments came immediately after Din's rescue, when the Mandalorian's pulled off their helmets to greet him.

This goes against the ruling principles previously laid out by Din, which state that if one were to remove their helmet in front of others, they would be unworthy of putting it back on again.

The rules themselves are controversial and inconsistent with some of Star Wars' other shows, including Clone Wars, which shows the people of Mandalore with no face coverings, or in fact armour.

Fans previously tried to explain this by speculating that some kind of event might have changed the rules at some point between Revenge of the Sith and the timeline of The Mandalorian.

Naturally there were also those who claimed that Din's "rule" is actually a plot hole at odds with the wider Star Wars universe.

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However, it turns out that Din's own behaviour isn't representative of wider Mandalorian practice.

Bo-Katan – one of the new arrivals who rescued Din – claimed that as "a child of the watch," he belonged to "a cult of religious zealots who look away from Mandalorian society… their goal is to re-establish The Way".

Clearly the Mandalorians from season 1 all belonged to this same group and interpreted "The Way" just like Din – but that clearly isn't in keeping with the bigger picture.

This speaks to the tribal nature of the Mandalorians, who behave extremely differently group from group and have totally different objectives.

While Din remains set on reuniting The Child with his kind, Bo-Katan and co are fixated on finding the darksaber, last seen wielded by Mo Gideon at the end of season 1.

Give that fans have been desperate for Mando actor Pedro Pascal to show his face, no doubt they'll be hoping he follows the lead of Bo-Katan's group.

The Mandalorian drops new episodes on Fridays on Disney+.

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