The Luminaries ending explained: Who killed Crosbie Wells in BBC period drama?

THE Luminaries finally comes to an end after six – often confusing – episodes tonight, with Crosbie Wells' killer finally revealed.

Sex worker Anna Wetherell has been accused of killing him and at the start of episode six of the BBC series, looks like she will be hanged for the crime.

*Spoilers ahead for the final episode of The Luminaries*

Crosbie Wells was the husband of brothel madam Lydia Wells (Eva Green), Anna's former boss.

At the start of the final episode, Anna finds a bundle of letters in her cell written by Crosbie and addressed to political Alistair Lauderback.

Crosbie is Alistair's bastard half-brother and he writes that he was betrayed and robbed, and was only alive and hiding in a lakeside cabin thanks to Anna (Eve Hewson).

The letters were uncovered by Walter Moody, Anna’s eventual lawyer, and started to put the pieces of the complex puzzle into place.

It transpired Lydia's lover, Frank Carver, had impersonated Crosbie to blackmail Alistair to obtain his ship, the Godspeed, and smuggle Crosbie's hard-won gold.

Lydia then stitched the gold into the hem of dresses, but when the ship ran aground, they were then bought on the cheap for Anna to wear by her pimp.

Anna was able to use the letters against Lydia, and her case was boosted by Emery Staines' arrival, who lied under oath and said he was part of the plot to help clear her name.

Meanwhile Frank admitted his guilt, and it was revealed he had been the one to kill Crosbie, after drugging him with laudanum.

However, he managed to pull one last act of deceit out of the bag by convincing the judge his lover Lydia hadn't played any part in the plot, and that he acted alone.

Frank was then killed by Te Rau Tauwhare, Crosbie's close friend, who waned to avenge his death.

Meanwhile, Emery was sentenced to nine months of hard labour for his 'part' in the plot against Crosbie.

The series ended with Anna deciding to pan for gold herself and wait for her lover Emery to complete his stint in prison.

The Luminaries concludes tonight at 9pm on BBC One.

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