'The Last Kingdom': Why Fans Want to See Lady Aelswith Again in Season 5

In season 4 of The Last Kingdom, fans get to see a different side to Lady Aelswith (Eliza Butterworth). After the death of her husband, King Alfred (David Dawson), Aelswith realizes she needs to change and adapt to the new reality she finds herself in. Read on to learn why fans want to see Aelswith again in season 5.

Has season 5 of ‘The Last Kingdom’ been confirmed?

At the time of publication, season 5 of the hit Netflix series hasn’t been announced, but fans are hoping for the best. RadioTimes.com spoke with the executive producer, Nigel Marchant, who said they are “hopeful” about season 5 as well.

“We’re very hopeful, we’d love to do a season five,”Marchant said. “I think all of us want to tell a story and it’s always muchmore satisfying if you can tell a complete story throughout all the variousseasons. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we really do love makingit.”

Lady Aelswith changes a lot in season 4

Aelswith is forced to adapt to a new situation when her husbanddies and her son is made king of Wessex. King Edward (Timothy Innes) doesn’tappreciate his mother’s sound advice at first, and she has to defy him on morethan one occasion for the good of her husband’s dream of a united England. In onedefining moment, she successfully gets the Welsh to join the fight against theDanes, securing their victory in an important battle.

Unfortunately for Aelswith, she finds a powerful enemy inher son’s father-in-law, Aethelhelm (Adrian Schiller). When Aelswith becomes acaptive of the Danes in Winchester along with Aethelhelm, his daughter, and theheirs to the throne, she tells Aethelhelm about a poisonous purple flower.Aelswith reveals that it grows in the gardens and it can be dissolved in water.Aethelhelm bribes a guard with a ring and he gets his hands on the flowers. He poisonsAelswith’s water jug, and the last fans see of Aelswith, she collapses on thefloor.

Why fans want to see Lady Aelswith again in season 5

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Fans have definitely started to like Aelswith since she changed for the better in the new season. No one wants to believe that Aelswith can’t make it out alive after being poisoned. She has redeemed herself in the eyes of fans who want to see more of her.

“For me, Aelswith is now an insanely interesting character,”a Reddituser recently posted. “She just became a decent person and I actually wantto see her interact with Uhtred more as that dynamic has kinda started tointerest me. But for me, considering Aelswith just redeemed herself, I feellike there is more of a story to tell with her character in general now.”

Fans have started to really like Aelswith

Other viewers seem to agree that Aelswith’s change and desire to do the right thing makes her more likable now. She tries to find redemption for her past mistakes that she thought were the right choices at the time.

“I was just thinking of this. I just finished watching season 4 and dare I say Lady Aelswith grew on me?” a Reddit user said. “Her trying to redeem herself for her cruelty toward Edward and Aethelstan and even Uhtred tugged at my heartstrings for her and I do hope she survives.”

Another fan brought up a good point that the relationshipbetween Aelswith and Aethelhelm is certainly interesting and could lead tofurther storylines in season 5, so it would be a good idea to keep her around.

“I like the dynamic between her and the father-in-law, anotherfan wrote. “So I don’t think she’ll die just yet. There’s a lot they can fleshout still.”

Fans have definitely started to like Lady Aelswith and theyhope to see more of her in the future. We’ll keep you updated on all the latestabout The Last Kingdom as we learn it.

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