The Irregulars: Will Billy confess his love for Bea as Leo leaves?

The Irregulars trailer released by Netflix

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The Irregulars is airing on Netflix now and the series has made its way into the streaming platform’s top 10. The Sherlock Holmes-inspired series left fans with many questions an intense love triangle developed. They are keen to know whether Billy (Jojo Macari) will reveal his true feelings to best friend Bea (Thaddea Graham).

Will Billy confess his love to Bea?

Bea was introduced as the leading light of the group and she had been recruited by Dr Watson (Royce Pierreson) to help with his investigations.

Her friend Billy was the muscle and he would often put up a fight in order to protect his friends.

He had spent time with Bea at the workhouse when they were younger and he held a dark secret about their time there.

Billy later revealed how he had felt helpless as the workhouse owner attacked Bea and mentally abused her.

His experience at the workhouse had brought him ever closer to Bea and he had secret feelings for her.

He was jealous when prince Leo (Harrison Osterfield) showed up and developed a romantic interest in Bea.

Bea kept her defences up at first, but soon succumbed to his charm and the pair became an official item.

Billy confronted Leo about pursuing Bea, and the prince called Billy a coward for not sharing his feelings with Bea sooner.

At the end of the series, fans believed Leo would stay with the group of Londoners for good.

However, in a surprising twist of events, he revealed he would be leaving to go to Europe to meet a better suitor.

Bea was somewhat understanding of the situation and she and Leo parted on good terms.

With Leo out of the picture, there is a chance Billy will pluck up the courage to confess his love for his best friend.

As each member of the group had managed to find their inner strength, Billy may feel as if he has nothing to lose.

However, Leo could have a change of heart and return to London to reunite with Bea.

Fans are hoping she chooses Billy as a partner as he is better suited to her ways of life.

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Yet the pair may not want to put their friendship at risk by taking it to the next level.

Fans have shared their thoughts on the relationship triangle on Twitter, with one saying: “Normally I prefer the recently introduced love interest over the best friend love interest, mal, Gale etc.

“But Billy is the exception that boy is so much better for Bea than Leo is I’m sorry. #TheIrregularsNetflix #TheIrregulars.” [Sic]

However, there are some fans who are on team Leo and they would love to see the prince return.

One said: “I know the ending was justified, but Leopold and Bea deserved better. I really hope Billy finds happiness too.”

The series is yet to be renewed for a second season, but given the number of cliffhangers at the end of season one, it is looking likely.

Viewers will have to wait and see whether Billy finds the courage to reveal his true feelings to Bea.

One fan said: “Billy and Bea from The Irregulars IM SORRY they’re it for me I’m sold the third of the triangle needs to go now.” [Sic]

Billy has a huge amount of history with Bea and he even has an adorable nickname for her – ‘Bumble’.

Bea has insinuated she has feelings for Billy, but it is yet to be revealed whether they are in a romantic sense.

The Irregulars is streaming on Netflix now. 

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