The Internet Has Seen ’Conversations With Friends,’ And They Have Things To Say

Hulu’s latest Sally Rooney adaptation, Conversations With Friends, is here and less than a week in the zeitgeist, it’s already stirring up discourse online. Adaptations of beloved books are always divisive, and Conversations With Friends lives in the shadow of its widely acclaimed predecessor, Normal People. So, does it hold up?

Conversations With Friends follows a young poet, Francis, and her ex-girlfriend turned best friend, Bobbi, through their entanglement (ala Will and Jada) with an older married couple, Nick and Melissa. The story is about, you guessed it, conversations with friends (and married lovers apparently), and moreover, the things left unsaid.

Like any good adaptation, there is a bit of a chasm between readers turned viewers and viewers who started streaming the series blind. Conversations With Friends currently holds a 61% critic approval rating from Rotten Tomatoes, with an 80% audience score. In comparison, big sister Normal People holds a 91% critic rating with a 93% audience score. The consensus is clear, if you were hoping Conversations might be a Normal People part two, you’ll be sorely disappointed. That said, the series stands on its own, and its source material is well-loved by the same cult following that praised its predecessor.

Almost immediately after the show landed on Hulu, readers flocked to Twitter with a disclaimer – if you didn’t read it, you probably won’t get it. Despite some mixed reviews, the virtual conversation around the show has been generally positive. Social media quickly became inundated with Sally Rooney fans tweeting their favorite quotes, hottest Joe Alywn snaps, and naturally, comparisons to Normal People.

Between soapbox statements from OG Rooney fans and horny panic for Alwyn, the series has quickly become a catalyst for conversations with internet friends.

Here are the best reactions to Conversations With Friends on social media.

When The Anticipation Was Just Too Much

#conversationswithfriends #sallyrooney #normalpeople #phoebebridgers

i hope conversations with friends solves all my problems tonight

i don’t think y’all understand how ready i am for conversations with friends

SEATED #ConversationswithFriends

I’m sorry for the person I will become when conversations with friends comes out #ConversationswithFriends

‘If You Didn’t Read The Book’ Discourse, Of Course

Joe Alwyn is playing Nick Conway perfectly and some of you haven’t read Conversations with Friends and it shows.

joe alwyn is playing nick exactly the way he is in the book and he’s eating y’all suck LMFAO

“jOe alWyN is bOriNg aS niCk” DID YOU EVEN READ THE BOOK? Nick has the personality of unseasoned tofu

When They Finished All 12 Episodes In One Day

the normal people team has gotten me again I fear cause conversations with friends is so engrossing to me I just procrastinated getting water to watch an episode

Finished conversations with friends within the first 15 hours of release

Admit It, It’s Really Good

it’s crazy how in both sally rooney series adaptations, *everything* is exactly how i pictured it while reading the books.

the dedicated attention to detail is insane #ConversationsWithFriends

is there something better then “i love you”? yes, there is. #ConversationsWithFriends

When ‘I Love Sally Rooney,’ Starts To Sound Like, ‘I Need Therapy’

I hate American reviews of Sally Rooney books like “they just need therapy” and “they just need to communicate” and “it’s annoying how they don’t communicate”. That’s the POINT. It’s set in IRELAND. We don’t communicate and we have to sacrifice a lamb to avail of therapy

fuck you sally rooney for writing such unlikable characters that i relate to

sally rooney is so good at writing abt loneliness and being detached from your family, friends, and lovers. like it’s rlly all abt the things left unsaid, which makes the silence between the words (that seeps into the scenes) so loud

‘We Did It, Joe’ (Alwyn)

watching conversations w friends i now understand every song taylor swift has ever written about joe alwyn this man is so fine

nick is dull, emotionless, awkward, and depressed. that’s what he’s supposed to be. joe alwyn portrayed him perfectly

joe alwyn’s great as nick everyone go to hell!

A Moment For The Sally Rooney Cinematic Universe

I hope Paul Mescal shows up in a post-credits scene in Conversations With Friends and launches the Sally Cinematic Rooniverse

#sallyrooney #phoebebridgers #taylorswift #daisyedgarjones #conversationswithfriends #normalpeople

somebody called the sally rooney-taylor swift-phoebe bridgers-fleabag road map the multiverse of sadness

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