The Internet Finds a Similarity Between 'Tiger King' Joe Exotic and Miley Cyrus

Chances are if you’ve been paying attention at all,  you’ve at least heard of the Netflix docuseries, Tiger King, if you haven’t already binge-watched it. This meme-worthy show has just about everything a person didn’t know they ever wanted to watch — big cats, murder plots, sex cults, and a larger than life lead: Joe Exotic.

Episode after episode, you can watch the Oklahoma native, along with an equally odd band of supporting characters, play out the most bizarre series of events imaginable, and it’s all done while sporting his signature bleach blond mullet. It’s because of his mullet that fans are commenting on how much he looks like pop star Miley Cyrus.

Joe Exotic is not cutting his hair

In 2015, long before the release of Tiger King, Joe Exotic got a lot of attention for his bizarre pivot to politics. After years of running G.W. Zoo, his private zoo full of tigers, alligators, and other exotic animals, he decided he wanted to take things to the next level, so he ran for president.

Some of the participants interviewed for the Netflix series readily admitted it was done simply to publicize the zoo. Whether it helped the zoo or not is debatable, but it certainly got him a lot of attention and even landed his campaign ad on John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight.

The ad features him in a big cat enclosure, gun on his hip, proclaiming: “First thing is, I am not cutting my hair.”

Apparently that was a priority for Joe Exotic, more so than the rest of his spiel: “I am gay. I’ve had two boyfriends most of my life… I’ve had some kinky sex, I have tried drugs… I am broke as sh*t. I have a judgment against me…”

To the surprise of no one, he did not become president. Fast forward to the present, and Joe Exotic has been in jail for over a year and true to his word, is still rocking the mullet, though footage from him in jail shows he’s lost the bleached aspect of the look.

Miley Cyrus and Joe Exotic certainly make bold choices

Fans have been tweeting up a storm about how similar Cyrus’ new haircut looks to Joe Exotic’s mullet on the show, and they’re not wrong. The mullets — and let’s be real, Cyrus does have a full-on mullet now — are both blonde, they both have bangs, and they’re both just past the shoulder in the back.

And while Cyrus’ style began as mullet-like in its early stages, with more of a natural blonde color a few months ago, her most recent Instagram posts show a much more choppy and bleached look. It really is just like Joe Exotic’s hair.

The comparisons have lead to some rather amusing tweets. While Joe Exotic has said he wants Brad Pitt or David Spade to play him in a film of his life, this fan had a different idea: “Based solely on haircuts celebs already have, Miley Cyrus should play Joe Exotic in the biopic. The end.”

Another fan jokingly implied they were the same person: “Have you ever seen Joe Exotic and Miley Cyrus in the same place at the same time?”

Miley Cyrus was sporting her look months before ‘Tiger King’ dropped

Cyrus is no stranger to bold looks, ever since she began working hard to shirk her teenage goody-goody image from her Hannah Montana days. Back in January, two months before Tiger King premiered, Cyrus was already getting attention for her mullet, so much so that Vogue dedicated a whole article to it.

“Miley’s mullet was inevitable—we both felt it,” her hairstylist told the magazine.

Perhaps Cyrus is similar to Joe Exotic in yet another way. Like her mullet, watching his show is inevitable. Do you feel it?

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